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How to Draw Toy Story's Sheriff Woody Pride

Updated on January 29, 2018
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unvrso likes to do drawings and crafts. Jose Juan Gutierrez has been writing for HubPages since 2009

Drawing of Sheriff Woody Pride

Sheriff Woody Pride
Sheriff Woody Pride | Source

Sheriff Woody Pride is the main character in the Disney movie ¨Toy Story.¨ Woody Pride plays the main role in the movie, and is the one who leads the other toy characters in a variety of adventures throughout the movie. As the favorite toy of a little boy, the cowboy’s occurrences confer lots of action to the movie.

Items Needed to Draw Sheriff Woody Pride

  • A blank sheet of paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • A flat table


Toy Story is a favorite among the young and not so young, like me. This is one of the first computer animated family films made by Pixar Animation Studios. The movie is set around a group of toys which come alive whenever they´re left alone by their owners, but become lifeless as soon as there are people present. You may already know how to draw characters, but in case you don´t, I´m going to show you how to draw Sheriff Woody Pride on a piece of paper.

How to Draw Sheriff Woody Pride

To begin this drawing, first, place all the drawing items over the flat table. Now, draw two lines on the blank sheet of paper, one on top and the other one at the bottom; these two lines will outline the whole sheriff´s figure on the paper; at the center of these two lines, draw a small oblique circle. This will be the sheriff´s pelvis.

Toy Story´s Characters

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How to Draw a Cowboy´s Bandana?

Now, outline the sheriff´s thorax by drawing two small lines up to the pelvis; over these two lines, draw the outlines for the sheriff´s vest. The vest will cover about 1/4 of the drawing´s vertical area. Now, draw two lines above the thorax for the neck, and around the neck, draw a cowboy´s bandana..

To draw the cowboy´s bandana, just draw a line around the bottom part of the neck. draw additional lines below that line and draw a triangle at the very bottom, facing the sheriff´s shirt button. draw the knot on the right side of the neck, with two ends pointing out.


Draw parallel lines, extending out from the upper part of the vest for the arms, and at the ends of the arms, draw the hands. Draw the legs, extending down from the pelvis; at the end of the legs, draw two cowboy´s boots. Add details to the boots, including the stars, soles and heels.


How to Draw Sheriff Woody Pride´s face?

Comprising 1/3 of the drawing´s vertical length, draw the sheriff´s head; add details to the face, including eyebrows, eyes, big nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, ear and hair. On top of the head, draw the sheriff´s hat; you might want to add shades to the hat with the pencil or if you prefer, you may also add color to the hat and to the rest of the sheriff´s figure.

How to Add Details to Sheriff Woody Pride?

Now it´s time to add the final details to drawing; draw small squared lines to the sheriff´s shirt; draw a handkerchief around the sheriff´s neck if you haven´t already done so. You may also add color to the boots and to the sheriff´s belt with the pencil. And don´t forget to add some black spots to the vest. Feel free to add color to the drawing, so as to make it more realistic.

Toy Story´s Sound Track

You´ve got a friend in me
Strange things
I will go sailing no more
Andy´s birthday
Soldier´s mission
Woody and Buzz
Woody´s gone
The big one
Hang together
On the move
Infinity and beyond

© 2013 Jose Juan Gutierrez


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