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How to Draw a Bag

Updated on April 7, 2013

Learning to Draw a Bag is Simple and Fun

Over the years, I have been asked by many people if I can teach them to draw. When most people start out, they think that drawing is actually very easy and for some folks, it may actually be easy.

I believe there are some folks with a lot of talent and there are folks with just a little bit of talent. Those folks with just a little talent may need to work just a little harder to make drawing seem easy, but it is possible for anyone to learn to draw. I believe that everybody has talent, it's just a matter of degrees. Some have more, some have less - but all have talent.

SO, when you go through the drawing tutorial below, remember that it is easy and expected that you will be frustrated at first. That is perfectly normal and fully expected - so just be ready to embrace it with open arms.

That frustration in drawing is what motivates artists to keep going and to become great artists one day.

If you want to be a great artist, this is a good place to begin.

If you just want to learn to draw a basic bag, then you are in the right place.

So, if you have your pencil and some paper, let us begin...


Step 1: Draw a Simple, Basic Shape

OK, so as I have told innumerable students over the years, drawing is simply putting together a few basic shapes to make up a completed image.

For the first step, you're going to draw a simple parallelogram - that's a 4-sided flat shape with straight sides where opposite sides are parallel.

Draw this shape and you're already halfway done with this drawing.

Step 2: Draw and Connect Another Parallelogram

For this step, simply add another parallelogram next to the larger one you just drew.

Notice that this shape is a bit skinnier than the first shape.

Step 3: Add a Third Parallelogram

Yeah, I know. You're getting tired of hearing the word "parallelogram."

Well, how do you think I fell - I've had to type it out as many times as you've had to read it!

So, for this third step, draw another parallelogram on top of the other two as indicated in the drawing to the right.

Step 4: One Little Line Adds So Much

Adding this one line will lend a sense of dimension to your drawing.

As I have doen in the drawing to your right, just draw a vertical line from the highest corner of the shapes straight down to the next line.

That line indicates that this drawing has 3 dimensions.

Step 5: Add More Dimension

Draw a vertical line in the middle of the right parallelogram, making sure it does not go all the way to the bottom

Next, draw two diagonal lines that branch off the vertical line you just drew.

These lines should be drawn a little lighter than your other lines. These lines indicate the folds on the end of the bag.

Step 6: Add Shading

For this step, lightly press down using the flattened edge of your pencil and add some light shading (shadow) to the inside of the bag as shown in the drawing to the right.

How are you doing so far?

At this point, your bag should really be taking shape and looking very dimensional.

Step 7: Add Shading to the Side

Again, using the flattened edge of your pencil, lightly press down and add some shading to the right side of the bag as shown in the drawing to the right.

You can add various shades of shadow here to give the bag a real 3-D look.

Final Step: Add a Drop Shadow

So, to give your bag that real 3- dimensional look and feel you're going to add what's called a drop shadow behind the bag.

To draw this shadow, press down hard on the pencil and make a really dark shadow area like the one you see in the drawing to the right.

So, how does your finished bag look?

Remember, it's OK to get frustrated, it's not OK to give up. Spend some time with this tutorial (or with one of the many other tutorials I've made) and give yourself a chance to master it.

Good Luck!


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    • MKayo profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Texas

      Peachpurple - thx for stopping by to read and for the Vote Uo!

    • MKayo profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Texas

      My Cook Book - thank you so much, glad you enjoyed it!

    • My Cook Book profile image

      Dil Vil 

      5 years ago from India

      Great lesson i have learnt today. Thanks for the above good hub!

    • peachpurple profile image


      5 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      awesome lesson from you. I find that drawing cartoon character isn't easy unless i could see the sample in front of me. Voted up


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