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How to Draw a Little Girl

Updated on April 30, 2013

Who Said You Can't Draw?

One of the things I heard the most from my beginning art students over the years is those self-deprecating comments about never being able to draw anything.

Well, I'm here to tell you that I have taught many folks to draw who thought they could never draw. Some of these folks can already draw that little girl over there.

By the way, where does that come from anyway? Who told you that you couldn't draw? Perhaps the better question would be, "Why can't I draw?"

Well, why can't you? What's stopping you?

I remember starting out as a young artist - just a year old. My first masterpiece (or so I'm told) was created on a living room wall using the contents of my diaper (Yes - gross! But if you have kids, you know what I'm talking about).

Anyway, when my mother saw this art, and saw how excited I was about it, she responded with great enthusiasm. From that day forward, she was my greatest encourager - although she always made sure I had forms of drawing media (other than the contents of my diaper) with which to create my art.

The point of that story is to tell you that anyone can create art, anyone can draw, It's just a matter of learning a few basic methods and working hard at it. And finding someone - even yourself - to encourage the creation of art.

So, if nobody else will encourage you - let me encourage you to get a pencil and some paper.

Let's begin...

Step 1: Draw the Basic Shapes

To begin, we're going to draw a few simple shapes.

Note the irregularly shaped circular shape for the head.

The body is simply a slightly curved rectangle.

For the last part of this first step, draw a horizontal lone across the top of her head and another curved line that is drawn just to the outside of the head shape, then straight down each side as shown.

Step 2: Add Ears and Bangs

For this step, just add two semi-circular lines for her ears - one on each side of her head as shown.

Also, make a few inverted shapes like the letter "V" across the forehead hair line as shown.

Step 3: Draw the Eyes

Don't let this step scare you - they're just eyes.

Remember to begin with simple shapes - draw two circles.

Next, add a horizontal line across each circle with a slight curve on the outside ends as shown.

To complete her eyes. just add smaller half-circles within each of the larger circles as shown.

Step 4: Draw the Nose and Mouth

These are going to be SO easy.

The nose is simply a small, semi-circle.

The mouth is also a slightly larger semi-circle.

Add some lighter, smaller circles for cheeks, just above the ends of the mouth.

Step 5: Shade the Hair, Add a Ribbon

Look at the ribbon on top of her head - it's just two rectangles drawn together.

Next, use the edge of your pencil to shade in the hair.

Note that the shading is a bit darker around the edges.

Study the shading in my drawing to the right and draw as shown.

Step 6: Add Sleeves

Little girls typically have these circular sleeves that are bunched material at the top of the sleeve.

To draw these, simply draw two circles as indicated.

Note that these circles overlap the main body rectangle.

For a final touch, add a small rectangle at the outer edge of each circle to complete the sleeves.

When done, erase the lines behind the sleeve circles.

Step 7: Draw the Arms and Hands

Now, before you get too frightened about drawing arms and hands, I want you to study the lines and shapes in the drawing.

Note that the arms are simply two parallel lines in the shape of the letter "L".

The hands are simply rounded rectangles.

Study the drawing carefully and draw your arms and hands as shown.

Step 8: Add a Belt to the Dress

This is a super-easy step.

Draw two parallel lines across her waist line as shown.

There, you've just drawn her belt.

Also, add two triangles that will make up her collar.

Step 9: Draw the Legs and Feet

Again, don't get scared about drawing seemingly complex things.

Remember - everything is made up of basic shapes.

Study the shapes that make up her legs and shoes.

The legs are simply two parallel lines and the shoes are just semi-circular shapes.

Remember they are made up of shapes and even the most complex things can be easily drawn.

Step 10: The Final Touch

This is the final touch of the drawing before you begin shading.

Draw a tiny heart shape directly onto the line of her mouth - this shape makes her lips.

Also, add some vertical lines in her skirt for pleats.

How Does Your Little Girl Look?

Well, that's how to draw a little girl - or at least one way.

How does your drawing look?

Don't get frustrated with your drawing. Remember, it takes a lot of practice and many hours of concentrated, hard work to learn to draw well.

I want to encourage you to start drawing. To help you get started, there are a few recommended products in the box just below.

Good Luck!


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