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How to Draw an Anthropomorphic Blowing Cloud

Updated on May 2, 2013

One of the Easiest Things to Draw - Anthropomorphic Clouds

While clouds can take on literally any shape your imagination can conjure up, they rarely have faces and personalities - except in comics or cartoons.

When we anthropomorphize a cloud, we give it human characteristics.

Sometimes that can be just a face. Sometimes an artist will add hands or even feet.

As a very young child, I can remember lying on the grass next to my father on a warm summer day, looking up into the sky. We would identify the various shapes and forms that slowly drifted by above.

Those were wonderful times for me - cherished memories from my childhood. I really believe that those times are the reason I have such a well-developed sense of imagination and pre-visualization. It was a true gift from my father. To this day, I can literally envision anything in my mind and then, after years of practice, draw that image.

You can develop the same sense of imagination with a little practice. You can also learn to draw with just a little practice. You've read this far, why not give this step-by-step tutorial a try?

Find your pencil and a few sheets of paper - let's get started on drawing this simple cloud...


Step 1: Start with Basic Shapes

Before you begin, remember that everything is just a more complex thing made from simpler shapes - in this case, semi-circles.

Most clouds are very irregular in shape so we want to start by drawing some curved semi-circular shapes.

Connect these shapes as you draw them to make the outer edge of your cloud.


Step 2: Finish the Main Shape of the Cloud

So, now you want to continue drawing those irregularly shaped and various sized semi-circles until you get back around to the point where you first started.

I told you it was simple.

You should now have a very basic, simple cloud shape.


Step 3: Add the Eyes

In order to make your cloud anthropomorphic, it must have human characteristics.

What is more human than a face?

To draw the face, let's start with the eyes.

These lines are very similar to the semi-circular curvy lines you drew for the outline of the cloud.

When you're done with the rounded eye shapes on top, draw a curved line with a bump in the middle as shown to the right.

Step 4: Add the Pupils to the Eyes

This is one of the simplest steps in this drawing.

All you need here are two solid, dark circles to indicate the pupils of the cloud's eyes.

Press down a bit on your pencil and draw in the pupils as shown.

If you want your cloud looking in a certain direction, simply draw the pupils in that direction.

I'm going to draw our cloud looking at us.


Step 5: Add Some Personality with Eyebrows

Here's where the magic of drawing really starts to happen.

You can make your cloud happy - just draw your eyebrows like I've done in my drawing to the right.

But what if you want your cloud to be evil? Simply turn those eyebrows the other way and you've drawn yourself one angry cloud.


Step 6: Draw the Mouth

Since I am drawing a happy cloud, I'm going to give him a smile.

To draw this mouth, simply draw two slightly curved lines that are just a bit askew of each other.

Next, connect the two lines with a slightly curved vertical line.

Congratulations - you just drew the mouth!


Final Step: Add the Details

I'm drawing my cloud as a happy rain cloud - because we need rain here in this part of the country!

I'm also going to add a bit of shading toward the bottom to make him look more "rainy."

I'll add some raindrops and a thumbs-up hand for the final touch.

That's it -Step back a bit and take a look. How do you like your cloud drawing?

Keep working at drawing and your ability will improve with each attempt. Soon, you'll notice your drawing ability to be better than ever - if you continue to practice.

I wish you the best of luck with your cloud drawing!


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    • MKayo profile image

      MKayo 4 years ago from Texas

      DDE - Thanks! Did you try it? How did your cloud look?

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      An interesting technique and you do it so well