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How to: Get out of Artblock

Updated on August 16, 2017
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Andrea is a sophomore in highschool with a passion for art, writing, music and movies. Support her by reading her articles!

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4 Quick and Easy Ways To Combat Artblock

So you're suffering from the dreaded and notorious art block... Every artist has been plagued by this unwelcome visitor at least a few times throughout their art journey, but fear not! I have a few suggestions that have worked to get me out of my own art block.

  1. Start Off With Loose Sketches

Sometimes we get caught up in striving for perfection; but trying to perfect the smallest details from the start will result in lifelessness and stiffness. Try to be more loose with your wrist/hand movements when sketching, and avoid using an eraser in the beginning. Imperfections are okay! In art, imperfections are sometimes the key to your own perfection.

2. Don't Worry About Art Supplies

Don't be woo-ed by all of the beautiful art supplies your favorite artists are using (and yes, they are immensely beautiful) or fall into the trap of thinking "I need that ___ to draw well!" The best of artists are able to make masterpieces out of coffee, crayons, trash etc. You don't need any fancy art supplies to make artwork. And while it helps to have high quality (but expensive at times EEK) art supplies, it's not needed; don't limit yourself. Grab a pencil, a piece of paper, and pour your emotions onto the page.

3. Get INSPIRATION Off of Other Art

Do not by any means copy another artists work; don't do it. It's annoying, disrespectful, of poor ethic and illegal. You can however get inspiration from your favorite artists' work: such as color palettes, inking styles, etc. You don't even need to get inspiration from art; you can get inspiration from anything really. Nature, Tumblr aesthetics, people, places, emotions, words... the list goes on.

4. Do Something Else

In some cases, it's better just to stop. No, not forever. But, maybe you need to read a book. Or write a poem, watch a movie, go on a walk, listen to music, hangout with friends... Focus your mind on another activity. Though we want so badly to draw, sometimes we just can't. Before frustrating yourself to the point you never try to draw again, take it easy and do something else. Art is unpredictable and annoyingly, it flows out of us unpredictably as well. You just can't force it.


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    • GoodnewsBassey profile image

      Goodnews Edet Bassey 5 months ago from Nigeria

      I enjoyed this article. thanks a lot.

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      Eduardo Gonzalez 5 months ago

      Excellent article!! Congrats! Thank you!!

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      Chicken nugget fan 5 months ago

      This was so helpful thanks!