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How to Make Beaded Finger Rings

Updated on April 15, 2013

Bead Finger Ring

There are infinite color and bead style options. If you follow the good technique and bring out the creative side of yours, you can make your own bead jewelry at home. The bead jewelry made by you will add more in your jewelry collection. Not only that, you can make people you love happy by giving them the gifts of bead work. In addition, the making of own bead jewelry can also help you financially.

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Bead finger rings with matching bead necklace and bracelet adds charm in your personality. You can wear finger ring made form bead in any attire from casual jeans to evening gown. With the use of little creativity and good steps, you can make various stylish bead finger ring. Here are some steps which will show you how to make beaded finger ring on your own:

Materials You Need

  1. Colorful Beads( You can use various colors and shapes)
  2. 16 gauge wire or you can use elastic
  3. Pliers
  4. Ring mandrel of your size ( you can use other round objects of your size)


Steps to Make

  1. Divide 16 g wire in 8 inches
  2. Slide the bead at the center of the wire
  3. Fold wire with the use of pliers to a right angle twisting the wire close to the bead
  4. Bend wires in converse directions in ring mandrel which will generate a round shape and correct size
  5. Now the double loop is formed and you can see wire ends positioning in opposite direction
  6. Just underneath the bead, bend each wire end around one side of the circle
  7. Cut down excess wire, but leave enough to form a small loop at each end
  8. Just below the bead, loop each end piece around the far side of the double circle
  9. You can use different variations by using your creative idea.


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