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How to Make Decorative Buckets for Kids

Updated on August 18, 2012
two buckets drying
two buckets drying | Source

The Project

My kids are currently in love with Star Wars. Unfortunately they both want Star Wars themed rooms, but we just redid both of their room a year ago. Luckily my son's Batman theme is pretty simple with lots of accessories that he had anyways and just a few key things we bought. His sheets are a basic navy which allows us to change up some things and still have it feel like a new theme.

So we headed off to the fabric store to find some fabric. I am forever buying buckets to contain toys and little items. As the kids get older the toys seem to get smaller and there are peices everywhere. I wanted a place to throw little piece but still separate them by the type of toy they were from. I bought buckets in the Target dollar spot and some command hooks to hang them from the wall on.

Modge Podge

Okay i admit I love Modge Podge but not the price. I found the recipe for the homemade version on pinterest and made it several weeks ago. It has been patiently waiting for me to create something. It is really only one bottle of glue and one bottle of water mixed. Could it get any simpler?

Now to cover the buckets

  1. Cut the fabric to the correct size
  2. I took my buckets and painted the glue mixture all of where I was going to place the fabric
  3. Place the fabric on the glue
  4. Paint the glue mixture over the fabric
  5. Let Dry

You now have a finished product that is decorated in the style that you have chosen.

the materials
the materials | Source
painting on the modge podge
painting on the modge podge | Source


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