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How to Make Earrings - Pearl Earrings

Updated on January 15, 2013

It all began six years ago when I wanted to try a new hobby and learn how to make earrings. I took a beading class at a local bead store and my beading fun began. It was fun! I made a new year's resolution to sell my homemade earrings at a local craft fair and it didn't stop after one year.

Every year now I participate in the local craft fair which also motivates me to create new designs. This year I've been fascinated with Swarovski pearls and making different types of earrings with them.

After you learn how to make earrings and how easy it is, you will find that it's very rewarding to participate in craft fairs or just make homemade earrings for coworkers, friends and family.

This year I hosted a big birthday party and it's not surprising that I gave my pearl earring creations to the guests as their "goodie bag".


Basic supplies for earrings are:

2 earring hooks

2 head pins

2 Swarkovski pearls

Pearl Earring Variations:

2 silver bead caps & 2 silver seed beads

OR (for variation below on the right)

2 Swarkovski blue rondelles

Copper Pearl Earrings


2 antique copper earring hooks

2 antique copper head pins

2 Swarkovski pearls

2 antique copper bead caps (same size as the pearls that you will use)

Pearl Earring Variation:

2 eye pins

6 head pins for seed beeds

6 copper seed beads (3 per earring)


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