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How to Make Fun Friendship Bracelets Using Different Methods

Updated on May 27, 2014

Photos in this Hub were courtesy through a creative commons license. See picture for the User name.

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Friendship Bracelet Basics

Friendship bracelets are made by everyone, from girl scouts to camp-goers, from best friends as a gift to others to family members as gifts. Friendship bracelets are created from a series of knots in a pattern that is meant to be worn until it falls off. The bracelets can be made by various methods:

  • Knotting - creating the bracelet from a series of knots in a pattern
  • Braiding - creating the bracelet from braids instead of knots
  • Weaving - creating the bracelet from a weaving card 

The basic craft tool needed to create a friendship bracelet is the thread itself. Use embroidery floss, thin cotton thread, yarn, thin ropes in different materials and weaves, and more. The threads should be thin enough to handle multiple knotting without it being overly bulky.

Friendship bracelets can be weaved with beads or jewels inside the pattern, or can have letters or numbers weaved into the bracelet. Words, or even the gift recipient's name, can be woven into the design making it truly a custom piece of wearable art.



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