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How to Make a Yarn Ball Wreath

Updated on April 19, 2013
What colors of yarn would you choose for your yarn ball wreath?
What colors of yarn would you choose for your yarn ball wreath? | Source

Looking to add a cozy feel to your home with a piece of artwork?

Instead of hanging a traditional wreath on your door or wall, create a colorful wreath that looks like a bunch of yarn balls. Don’t worry, you won’t need skeins and skeins worth of yarn, use foam balls as the base and cover just the outer edges of the balls with the yarn.

The list of supplies is simple (you can find everything at a big-box store if you prefer to skip the craft stores), and the construction time is next to nil too. In fact, the most difficult part of the entire process is that you'll likely have a hard time deciding what colors to use in your creation.

Read on for a list of supplies and the steps you'll need to make a cozy-looking wreath perfect for cooler times of the year.


  • Secure the end of the yarn with a corsage pin and begin wrapping the yarn around the ball so that it covers the pin and completely covers the foam ball. Pin the end of the yarn in place when you are satisfied with the yarn coverage.
  • Wrap each foam ball with yarn, making sure to wrap at least each different ball in each color yarn twice.
  • Thread a large eye needle with embroidery floss, and run it through the edge of a large foam ball.
  • Attach the large foam ball to the center two wires of the metal wreath, making sure to position each ball so that the needle head is in the back of the wreath. Repeat the process for each large foam ball.

Things You'll Need

13 2-inch balls foam balls

13 1 1/2 –inch foam balls

13 1-inch balls foam balls

5 colors of yarn


Embroidery floss

Large eye needle

12-inch wire wreath

Glue gun with glue

  • Attach each medium sized ball to the outer wires of the wreath with the embroidery floss. Position the medium balls in between the larger balls.
  • Attach each small ball to the inner wire of the wreath. Position the smaller balls in between the larger balls.
  • Glue the balls to each other with the glue gun. This adds overall stability to the wreath and ensures that the balls don’t wiggle too much or fall off the wreath. Add more yarn balls if you want a more substantial looking wreath, or consider adding small embellishments such as a knitting needles or crochet hooks into the wreath. Don’t let children use the hot glue gun without adult supervision.
  • Consider adding a large ribbon to the bottom of the wreath for an added splash of color.
  • Hang the wreath on the wall or over the door with a door hanger.


Use colors of yarn that coordinate with your overall décor. Although wreaths are traditionally displayed during Christmas, you can display this wreath throughout the year but particularly in the cold months when people wear sweaters or other items made from yarn.

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