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How to Paint Using Crayons

Updated on May 29, 2012

So Awesome:

I know everyone remembers coloring with crayons as a kid, or if you are like me, you still do. Did you know you can also make paintings with crayons? Well yes you can, it will require a tarp on the ground, a blow dryer, a decent sized canvas and a few boxes of crayons, the colors being your choice, and a hot glue gun.

Are you beginning to understand where I am going with this? You will be melting the crayons onto a canvas! This is a wonderfully creative idea to do with your kids, or a project for your classroom full of kids, or even better, a painting for someone you love.

So here is how you do it: (you can change it up anyway you like)

step 1- place a tarp or a garbage bag on the ground where ever you are doing this.

step 2- double check to make sure that you have a spot to plug in a hair dyer

step 3- now that your hair dryer is ready to go, start by taking the paper off of the crayons. Some prefer to leave it on, but I find that they melt better when the paper isn't involved.

step 4- now figure out where you want to put them on your canvas. In a heart shape, all lined up across the top of the border, scattered... etc. (you can also use scotch tape to cover certain spots of the canvas, using it as guide. I will post a link for a example video)

step 5- now hot glue them down, making sure they are secured. All ready for some melting action!?

step 6- Now place your canvas up right, and start using the blow dryer blowing the wax in the direction you want it to melt.. you can make it go straight down, or look as if the wind caught it.

Step 7- ISN'T THIS FUN! This is where you just start getting giddy, wondering why you haven't done this before. I am having a blast just typing about it.

Step 8- make any of the final touches you want, making sure the crayons are completely melted.

Step 9- if you want, this is where you can heat up the wax again slightly, and throw some glitter on it, just to make it that much more awesome.

Step 10- TAH-DAH!!!!!!!


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    • ErinGorney profile image

      ErinGorney 5 years ago from Las Vegas

      Well, thank you! Its even more fun when put into action!

    • randomcreative profile image

      Rose Clearfield 5 years ago from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

      What a fun tutorial!