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How to Photograph Children

Updated on November 30, 2011
Child photography is easier when you shoot candid shots and not formal portraits.
Child photography is easier when you shoot candid shots and not formal portraits. | Source

Candid images of children are easiest

Any seasoned photographer will tell you that if you can get a two year old to cooperate for a portrait, than you can take a picture of anything. My friend Andi Walpurgis, owner of Shades of Images, recommends photographing children in a natural setting where they aren't forced to sit still. Children will often refuse to smile when told to sit for a portrait and it is easier to capture a smile when a child is playing with dolls, cars, dancing, swinging, etc.

My daughter is quite photogenic, but when you ask her to smile she refuses outright. The best pictures I have captured of my daughter are the ones that are candid shots where she had no idea I was taking her picture.

Children Playing Make Great Keepsakes

Children Playing Photography

Children playing together, like in this game of ring around the rosey, make for a great candid shot. I spent the day at a park with friends, and I got this image while lying on the ground and waiting for my daughter (in the pink) to make her way around so that I could see her face.

Child Photography for Everyone

If you can't afford to have a professional photographer come to your home, you can search for area photographers looking to build their portfolio. Many photographers offer their services for free if they are just starting out and will take images of your family that will still be high quality. Check your area for photography classes or post an ad on craigslist with your request to have family photographs taken.


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