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How to Select Fabric For Your Quilt

Updated on October 31, 2012

The Rules of Fabic

(1) Start with a focus print that has a grate design and a lot of color. Then build from it pick shades and prints that work well with your focus print. A large print, or bright color works well for this. You will want a fabric that draws the eye to it and that works well with what you making the quit for.

(2)I Try and stick to 100% cotton and recommend you doing the same for you first quilt, if you are able. It is just easier to work with and, holds up will to time and use, and can be washed.

(3) Pick fabrics that complement each other rather than clash. If you have a large print pick small prints that go well with it or even plan fabric that complements the colors in the print. When you go to the fabric store pick all your fabric then lay them out and see how they work together. Toss out anything that looks off and then go have your fabrics cut for you in the size you need.

(4) Try and pick both light colors and dark colors to be worked in your quilt or work with a value scale. so this way none of you fabric will disappear or not be seen. Color value is a important step without thinking of value (light or dark) you quilt can look dull, and not stand out as much as you were hoping it would. Even if the quilt is black and white pick shades of gray to make value for the quilt.

(5) Mix thing up. Pick large prints and small, Bright colors and light colors. If you pick only one kind or print or color your quilt may be boring. Try something new. You can even mix fabric textures if you want. It is ok to mix fabrics, to have yellow and purple and red in same quilt as long as they look good together.

(6) If you are not sure what fabrics goes together pick with in the same design collation. Fabric designers will often make a collation of fabric that works well with each other. Or you can even buy value packs of fabric that all work well together. Do not be scared to ask if you do not know where to start, most stores will be glad to help you.

(7) When you come home with your fabric always wash, dry and iron your new fabric so with is ready to work with. This way if it shrinks, wrinkles, or bleeds for the first wash. It will done with and ready for the next cleaning when needed.

When picking you fabrics keep in mind on who the quilt is for. Is it for a child, an adult, or for the wall? You do want to give a grown man a quilt made from Barney, or a child a quilt of beer. If it for a season such as fall try to pick colors that related to the season for fall oranges, browns, reds, yellows and cream, all work well, and the same goes for holidays and even birthdays.

Picking fabrics can be a lot of fun, and is my favorite part of doing a new quilt. As long as you fallow the guide lines here I’m sure it will become something you will love to do and your quilt will look amazing when you are done.


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    • Trish303 profile image

      Brenda 5 years ago from Springfield, MO

      Thank you. It can be hard to pick fabric but some of the oddest thing go together, The videos above should help you. But have fun playing around, and trying new things. :)

    • profile image

      4youreyes 5 years ago


      Good information, I'm new to quilting and the hardest part is picking out the material. I'm always concerned if my choices will go well together. Welcome to HubPages !

      Have A Good Day !