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How to Make a Pair of Trousers

Updated on August 8, 2016

How to Make Trousers

This is a little difficult to explain in a way that will make it seem easy, but I promise it is easy. Please leave a comment or ask me a question if you find this hard to follow, I will be happy to help.

Whether you want a pair of leggings, jeans, pyjama bottoms or whatever, the basic principles remain the same. You must first have enough material to make your trousers but before you rush out to buy the first fabric you see, you need to consider how it needs to be folded when being cut out.

Your material piece will need to be more than double your leg length (including your waist, or however high up you want to make them). As for the width of your fabric, this will depend on what type of trousers you want to make and on what size you are, if you are petite or have a small waist then 45 inches or so should be good, but I would go for a wider fabric to be on the safe side.

Trouser Diagram

Making Trousers

So, to make this sound as simple as possible, you will need to follow the steps on how to fold and cut out your trousers from your fabric.

1. Fold your rectangular piece of fabric so that the two short ends are together.

2. Now fold in the opposite way (long sides together)

3. Use another pair of trousers (ones that fit you) as a cutting guide. Fold the trousers in half so that it appears as just one leg and lay it so that the straight edge of your trousers is sitting approximately 1-1.5” away from THE FOLDED SIDE OF THE FABRIC (this is Very important).

4. Now cut out around your guide trousers, remember to leave a 1-1.5” gap to allow for stitching. Leave a larger gap for the waist area, maybe 2-3” also, cut across the top (where your waist will be) to open it up as this is a fold.

5. Now you will have two pieces of fabric in the shape of a trouser leg, this is where you think you know it all and go stitching up the wrong parts, don’t do that! Follow the rest of the instructions below.

6. First thing is to stitch up from the bottom of the would-be leg, (right side of the fabric facing inwards). Only stitch it up to where the fabric curves, DON’T STITCH ALL THE WAY UP.

7. Do the same with the other leg piece.

8. Now take your two leg pieces and from the crotch area, stitch the two pieces together. It is always a good idea to make a double zigzag stitch over the crotch area to strengthen. Don’t forget to leave space for a zip or whatever at the front.

9. Now all you need to do is hem up the bottom of the legs and strengthen the waist area with some interfacing or stitch a wide hem to fit a piece of elastic inside for pyjamas etc, this part is for you to decide on and for another how to hub page to explain.

Good luck with your trouser making!


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    • profile image

      Jean Baucutt 4 years ago

      Hi, I have got as far as sewing the two legs together. I find the back seam is so much longer than the front seam and being stupid I just cannot see how to get the two legs to come together to make a front and back to my trousers. Can you help me please. Thank you.

    • profile image

      shirley 5 years ago

      any one tell me how many meters of material needed for basic pair of trousers taking into account i am quite short

    • profile image

      carlos 6 years ago

      love it

    • FranyaBlue profile image

      Jacqueline 7 years ago from Windsor, England

      Thanks Bianca Rose

      Yes, the quick unpick is the second most used item after the sewing machine.

      I knew from my own experience that accidentally making a skirt instead of trousers is so easily done, my sister also managed to stitch up the wrong parts, even after I had warned her. lol

      Thanks for reading

    • Bianca Rose profile image

      Bianca Rose 7 years ago from Australia

      Great hub. The last pair of pants I made I accidently stitched up the legs wrong and made a giant skirt. As may friend who was teaching me said, 'the quick unpicker is your best friend'.

    • profile image

      kagiasam 7 years ago

      it has been simplified. Great.

    • profile image

      kiki 7 years ago

      do you know how to make tapered peg leg/ harem trousers at all

    • profile image

      diane 7 years ago

      very good i will have a go

    • FranyaBlue profile image

      Jacqueline 7 years ago from Windsor, England

      Thanks messerc for reading and commenting. Your comment made me laugh, has my hub put you off the idea?

      It's really not as hard as I probably made it sound :-)

    • messerc123 profile image

      messerc123 7 years ago from El Paso, Texas

      Wow you are talented, trousers seem so difficult, I don't think I will try this. Loved your hub, thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      glow obi 7 years ago

      i want to more about sewing of trousers

    • profile image

      Sorcha 8 years ago

      Thank You So Much For The Article Its Been Of Great Help

    • FranyaBlue profile image

      Jacqueline 8 years ago from Windsor, England

      Good luck Camkai and thanks for commenting.

    • profile image

      Camkai 8 years ago

      Looks very helpful. Looking forward to putting it to good use.

    • profile image

      Patience 8 years ago

      I just got this now, will try it later. hpe to do well in it.. But i guess the measurement and cutting might be a problem.

    • FranyaBlue profile image

      Jacqueline 8 years ago from Windsor, England

      Thanks Kellie, don't worry my first attempt went wrong as well, just cut a little more for the crotch area next time. To fix the one you made, if they are just pyjamas or something you could patch up the crotch area to widen it out a bit. Goog luck with your next pair!

    • profile image

      Kellie 8 years ago

      THANK YOU! I'm fairly new to sewing and I just made my first pair of trousers! I screwed up the crotch area but overall, they look decent.

    • profile image

      Dickie 8 years ago

      Very Good thank you, I have always wanted to make my own trousers so will give it a go now.

    • FranyaBlue profile image

      Jacqueline 8 years ago from Windsor, England

      Excellent to know that my efforts on writing this hub haven't been wasted. Thanks!

    • profile image

      Rory 8 years ago

      Very helpful, my first effort. Thank you so much. Rory


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