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How to Sew a Pintuck

Updated on May 8, 2011
The above image shows a pintuck: tiny rows of folds are sewn, then pressed to one side.
The above image shows a pintuck: tiny rows of folds are sewn, then pressed to one side. | Source

Pintucks & Pintucking

Pintucks are a nice, and very easy, sewing embelleshment that can be used on a wide variety of both home decorative goods and wearable clothing. Pintucks, or tucking, is a sewing method where rows of pleats are sewn down. This can be done in a vertical or horizontal fashion. Pintucks are different than standard tucks, as tucks can be of any size and pintucks are generally very narrow.

Uses for pintucks:

  • They can be used on children's clothing as borders to blouses, or used as a way to take in lengths of pants to be let down at a later time.
  • They can add decorative elements to button up shirts by following the button placket in a vertical fashion on either side, or both sides, of the shirt.
  • Pintucks can also be used in home decorating for use in pillows, tableclothes, and runners.


How to Sew a Easy Pintuck

 Steps for making easy pintuck designs on garments and fabric:

  1. Mark where the pintucks will be, on the wrong side of fabric.
  2. Fold the pintuck folds, following the markings, on the right side of the fabric, and press down.
  3. Feed the pressed folds into the machine, sewing very narrow seams.
  4. On the right side of the fabric, iron all the stitchings in the same direction.
  5. The fabric can then be used in sewing, and the ends of the pintucks will be sewn in the seams where they will be held down. Doing this will hold them in place.



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