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How to Sketch with Markers and Graphite pencils?

Updated on May 25, 2012
A Courtyard
A Courtyard
 Pencil sketch
Pencil sketch

Is Sketching easy?

There are many things we can sketch with! We can use ordinary A4-size hard papers for sketching or a Sketch pad, multimarkers, graphite pencil or ordinary Ballpoint pens of various colors to give a finished look to our sketch.The most important thing while you sketch is that you should always take care on your holding positions of your markers. While you sketch, you should apply pressure while you start, then coming to the end of your linings bring on a smoothing. As it will be dark where you start and lighter where you end the lines.

Now for the exciting tip before you begin sketching is that you should always use hard papers and pinpoint markers.The more hard the paper is, the more you get a finished look after your sketching. Again if you keep adding pressures to fine lines then you may darken those areas. This type of sketching is called Free-hand Sketching.

Yes, Sketching is easy! It might represent something that the artists sees. It is a quick way to physically demonstrate an image, idea or principle.

Trying for a real sketching?

If you are into some real sketching then you should try to sketch lightly! Avoid all the spaces that you want to put into darkening. If you are using markers then you don't have to worry about darkening areas because marker lines remains the same! For real sketching you should always go for what's on your mind recently! If you ask me what to sketch?, my answer is go for your surroundings. Watch for some interesting things that pleases your soul. Sketching can be a real pass-time!

Marker Sketch Examples:

1) Woman face

I have sketched a Women face hiding it's emotions. It was a Free hand sketch since it came out of imagination. I have selected some darkening areas where the shadows lies.

2) A Courtyard

I have done some miniature work here and darkening on the some areas to give a fresh look. This I have done to make it feel like light is thrown out on all the directions of the courtyard so that it represents it's true meaning!

Pencil sketch of my neighbourhood

Lastly, the pencil sketch looks great, with all the lightness that it carries. I have put some effort on this sketching and working more on it. Though it is difficult to sketch with graphite pencils, I have taken a small effort on miniatures. I have sketched a portrait of my neighbourhood defining lines where it seems brightness and falls at the end tip. Pencil sketching describes a lot more feeling than markers. Here, the fine lines are described well. So Art on!

Underwater Sketch
Underwater Sketch

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    • Pamela Kinnaird W profile image

      Pamela Kinnaird W 5 years ago from Maui and Arizona

      Your love for sketching really comes through in this hub. Voting up and interesting.

    • profile image

      ✖ Muکaƒ¡r Of Ðrﻉamz ✖ 6 years ago

      Great work.!! =))