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Drawing an Anime Girl's Head

Updated on January 22, 2018
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The author is a lover of nature and technology. He has been an online writer since 2009.

What is Anime?

The term anime is of Japanese origin to refer to a particular style of animation that originated in that country. Anime is used to identify cartoon characters of Japanese origin. An anime figure includes physical features, such as big eyes, spiky hair and small mouth, which are used to characterize anime characters.

MS paint is a very simple graphic design application included in all versions of Microsoft Windows. Even though, MS paint is a simple graphics painting application, it includes some tools used in the more advanced graphic design programs, such as the pencil, curve, ellipse, fill color and brush tools.

Using these tools, MS paint may allow you to design very simple, although attractive drawings. Throughout this hub, I’m going to guide you on how to draw the head of an anime girl. The techniques used in this drawing can help you design other drawings that you may use in your animated or cartoon characters.

How to Draw the Head of an Anime Girl?

Start by drawing a circle with the fill color tool selected and the color of skin of your choice. I chose a pink light color for this anime girl´s skin color. Select the line tool and draw a vertical line and two horizontal lines as shown in the picture. These lines will be the guidelines for the whole project.

Circles and Lines
Circles and Lines | Source

How to Use MS Paint Tools To Draw an Anime Girl?

elect the curve tool and draw the area of the eye. Select the ellipse tool and draw concentric circles to give form to the eye. You may have to select a different color for every circle. I chose a black and brown color for the circles. With the ellipse tool selected and a white fill color, draw a little circle in the eyes pupil. This may give your character more sense of emotion.

Using the same tools draw the right eye of the character. You may choose to just copy and paste the right eye, but you will have to make some modifications. It is better if you draw another eye form the start.


Select the curve tool and draw two lines from about the center of the two middle horizontal lines to the center of the bottom part of the circle. These two lines will outline the girl´s jaw.

The Jaw
The Jaw | Source

Select the erase tool and get rid of all the guidelines around the face of the girl. After you erase the guidelines, you may have to refill the face with color. Click on the face with the eyedropper tool to select the color, then select the fill color tool and click on the spaces that need to be refilled on the face.

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Erase the Outlines
Erase the Outlines | Source

Select the curve tool and a thicker line size to draw the eyebrows, nose and mouth of the girl. You may have to reshape the lines by clicking and dragging.

Eyebrows Nose And Mouth
Eyebrows Nose And Mouth | Source

With the curve tool selected draw the girl´s hair. You may have to do a lot of clicks and drags to draw the hair style. I chose a brown light color and a thicker line width to design the hair. For the two ribbons holding the hair, I chose a blue color. You may choose to draw the hair style of your choice.

Curve Tool
Curve Tool | Source

The girl´s head should look like the one in the picture below, after making the necessary corrections. I reshaped the left eye a little and added teeth and a smile to the girl´s mouth to make her look happier. I also drew the girl´s neck.

Finished Drawing
Finished Drawing | Source


To draw the head of an anime girl in MS paint, you start by drawing a circle, outlining the head; on the circle, you draw one vertical line and two horizontal lines; these lines will be the guidelines for drawing the eyes, mouth, nose and all the features on the face. The curve, pencil, fill color, and brush tools will help you give the final touching details to the drawing.

© 2013 Jose Juan Gutierrez


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