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3 Ways to Create Cells in Your Resin Art

Updated on March 16, 2020
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Hey guys, it's Sheri Vegas here and today I'm going to show you three different techniques that I like to use to create cells in resin art. The first way you can create sales and lacing in resin is just by using the resin itself. So I'm using a few different pigments and they've all got different densities to them, that will help me create the cells and get my resins to sort of split. The resins come in different formula's so you can get opaque, semi-opaque and translucent and these will all create a different sort of weight to your resin and help you create this effect. If you're unsure about the density that your pigments have, it generally says on the packaging whether it's opaque, semi-opaque or translucent

3 Cells Resin Artwork Tutorial

Create 3 cell resin artwork tutorial
Create 3 cell resin artwork tutorial | Source

Artisue and Just Resin Pigments to Create Interest

The pigments that I'm using in my artwork today are from Artisue and Just Resin. So I have a little combination going on and then what I'm going to do to create the really cool lacing cell-like effect. I'm going to pour a clear coat of resin first and then I'm going to pour over the top of my clear resin a white resin. And this is going to create the lacing effect. So this resin has no additives, no resi blast or anything like that to help make it lace out.

What's a Dirty Pour with Resi Blast - Learn How

So one of the easiest ways to create cells in your resin is just using Resi Blast and each of my colors, I'm just adding four little drops of Resi Blast. And then I'm going to mix that in thoroughly to make sure the Resi Blast has combined with my resin. You don't want to go too heavy-handed on your Resi Blast as it is quite strong and if you do use too much it can sometimes affect how the resin will set.

I decided to do this in a dirty pour, but you can also use Resi blast and do a direct pour. It just depends on the effect that you want. The dirty pour just gives me a really cool combination of colors and creates a really interesting pattern to start with and as you can see, as soon as I pour it out, I started to get amazing cells. So the Resi Blast is definitely one of the easiest options to create cells. You just need to be careful by how much use. A little tip to when working with this pour is, try not to overtip the board too much. If you move it around, you'll lose all the little tiny intricate patterns and cells that the resin has created. So let the resin do its own thing.

Final Artwork Tutorial Technique

The final technique that I'm going to show you is using alcohol in your resin. So the alcohol that I use is around 91 to 100% proof, rubbing alcohol doesn't work as well. So you need to make sure you get a really high concentration of alcohol. In all three colors of my resin, I  have added a tiny bit of my concentrated alcohol. You just need to make sure you get the right one. If you're in Brisbane Australia contact me for a discount code :)

Sheri pictured with one of her custom art works

Sheri Vegas Brisbane's leading resin artist. Teaching resin art workshops and helping Brides preserve their wedding flowers with Botanical Artworks
Sheri Vegas Brisbane's leading resin artist. Teaching resin art workshops and helping Brides preserve their wedding flowers with Botanical Artworks | Source

Watch the Artwork Video For the Time Lapse

I've done a dirty pour again, and then I'm just going to let this do a little bit of time-lapse ( so watch the video ) so you can kind of see the process. The cells start to form quite fast. I did add a little bit of a cream color and I kind of decided I didn't like it, so I tended to work it out.

The great thing about working with alcohol in your resin is once the resin dries, if there's any leftover, it will all evaporate and you won't be left if any residue on your artwork.

I Hope You Enjoyed My Resin Cells Artwork Tutorial

So those are the three different ways that I like to create lacing and cells in my resin.

Sheri x

3 Cells Resin Artwork Tutorial
3 Cells Resin Artwork Tutorial | Source

My Youtube Video on DIY 3 Cells Resin Artwork to Help You

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3 Cell Resin Artwork Tutorial
3 Cell Resin Artwork Tutorial | Source

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