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How To Draw A Demon Holding Sword

Updated on July 16, 2014

Drawing A Demon With A Sword

The drawing process for this particular Demon creature was an inspired real time drawing that occured as a result of a drawing video request of one of my YouTube subscribers at the time and I just thought about an idea and then it happened right in front of the camera which usually I do have to do a few preliminary sketches beforehand to pin point a good idea.

Now the whole idea about drawing any type of Demon is that they can either look humanoid or totally animal like in it's design and this time around I went for the humanoid look of the Demon creature and the whole position of the creature almost hinges on him holding a large demonic sword that could be flaming with fire.

As I said the whole sketching process can either be a lucky one time pencil sketch or you may need to plan out your drawing with a few quick sketches to capture some good ideas for your Demon. Watch the drawing video below and think up ways you can try and draw this yourself or study the drawing and follow along...

Demon Art Drawing

How to draw Demons by Wayne Tully 2011.
How to draw Demons by Wayne Tully 2011.

Drawing The Demon Holding A Demonic Sword - Video Sketching Tutorial

Inking Your Demon Drawing

The inking process of the Demon drawing was a fairly straight forward one with a Gel Ink Pen improving the pencil lines and with minimal shading because I did want to color the whole thing and color it with fire colors like Reds, Oranges and Yellows and really make that Sword stand out too.

The inking stage also helps you to get rid of the pencil lines and any smudges after inking that could ruin any color that you add. So that's why I recommend you do ink ome of your drawings as it cleans up the art, although it's not an every drawing essential as art can be created in lots of different mediums that can still be printed or displayed online.

For something alternative to using ink pens you could use a quill with some ink dipped on the nib of the quill or fine to think paint brushes that could apply Indian Ink to an area to be inked and this is something that I am going to be doing in a future hub about inking techniques.

Watch the video on inking and have a go yourself.

Inking The Demon Pencil Drawing - Applying The Ink Art Video

Coloring The Demonic Creature With Crayola Twistable Pencils

Again the coloring has been done in the following video with Crayola Twistable pencils, a favorite of mine to use as they are cheap and still as good as any expensive alternative. Notice that the demonic colors are flame colored and it's best to tie in this on the sword too and make the flames rise off the blade too.

The purple color added to the head helps to create a coolr contrast to the red, orange and yellow flame colors. Remember that Crayola Color pencils are great for blending most colors so have a go yourself and watch the drawing video first below...

Crayola Coloring With Twistable Pencils

Drawing A Demon

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