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How to draw a jelly fish

Updated on October 31, 2012

This is actually my very first tutorial hub based around drawing an animal. I realize that I make a lot of simple object tutorials here on hubpages, but I think it's about that I break out the animal drawing tutorials. I have quite a few more in mind such as cats, dogs and ducks. But for today, I want to focus this hub specifically on drawing a jelly fish.

I haven't seen a lot of tutorials on this subject, so I decided to give it a shot on my own. This is tutorial is for drawing a very cute jelly fish. One with a face. It's not exactly realistic, but it is quite cute!

Step 1

Start off by drawing the rounded hood of the jelly fish, this is another word for the outer portion of the head will begin. A jelly fish is a somewhat complex little guy, with a strangely shaped head.

Step 2

Draw out the rest of the jelly fish's outer hood. The hood should begin the flare out a bit at the bottom. At the base of the hood, begin drawing the margin of the hood. The margin has little quill-like objects at the ends, shaped kind of like bells.

Step 3

Draw little gonads at the top of the jelly fish hood.

Step 4

Now that we have completed drawing the hood, it's time to move on to the tentacles. The tentacles of this jelly fish will be long and skinny. Draw 2 tentacles on either side of the jelly fish's hood, all of 4 of them long and skinny. They don't have to look exactly alike. :)

Step 5

Now that the jelly fish has tentacles, it needs arms! The arms of a jelly fish are not ordinary at all. There are many of them and they are long, fat and squiggly. The way I am describing them sound ugly, but they are actually quite lovely in appearance!

Start from the left of the jelly fish's hood base and draw the first arm.

Step 6

Since you have a better idea of what the arms are supposed to look like, go ahead and fill your jelly fish with even more arms. Draw them liberally, there are no reals when it comes to jelly fish arms!

Step 7

Almost done! Just a few more steps to go! Go back to the top of the hood and begin working on the facial features. This is a somewhat cartoony jelly fish so it will be a little different from a real one.

Step 8

Draw some basic eyes and a simple mouth. Isn't it adorable? :3

Step 9

Lastly, filly in the eyes with cute little pupils. Once you have completed the last step, that is all! You have yourself a very cute jelly fish sketch to show off to your friends and family!


This was pretty fun for my very first animal drawing tutorial! If you liked it, feel free to share this with everyone you know! It's good to learn new things for a change. Be sure to check back everyday for a brand new drawing tutorial. Expect to see more animal drawing tutorials! :)


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