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How to make a Balloon Poodle

Updated on September 17, 2010

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by Andrew: Doctor of Balloonology
by Andrew: Doctor of Balloonology

Let's twist of fun!

The classic poodle is a mainstay of balloon entertainment. There are a number of variations that can be done with it. The poodle by itself is only one 260 balloon.

The large poodle of the same design is made with two 350's. If you make two poodles, tie at the nose, link at the front feet, you have two kissing poodles. Or you can take a poodle and tie the knot of a heart between the feet and have a poodle in a heart.

To make the poodle head, twist off a bubble about 2" long. This will be the face of the poodle when done. Then twist another bubble about the same length. This will be the head. Fold the second bubble in half and twist on itself as shown in 1.

As in 2, bend over the fist bubble and push into the loop that is made from the second. It is important to remember that when you insert the face bubble into the loop bubble (the head) you need to roll the loop over the face to decrease friction and breakage. When you are done, the head will look like picture 3.

In 4, you see the legs.  When you twist a series of balloons, twist each twist about three or four times.  Then you can hold the first bubble (here the neck), and the last bubble (here the belly), and the twists in between will stay without being held (the feet are staying though not being touched).

Make a 1½'  bubble, ½' foot, ½' foot, and finally a 1½' leg.  The arrows in 4 show where you twist the two legs together.  Note, you can make the legs of the poodle without the two little feet.  It is easier to do, but it does not look as good.

For a poodle, I think it is important to make the belly small.  The poodle is a petite animal and you do not want it mistaken with a hotdog dog.  Twist the same leg formation that you just did.  And twist at the arrows.

To make the poodle in the heart, you first have to make those two separate components.  Then gather the feet of the poodle together as shown in 8.  You do this by putting the index finger through both leg formations. 

Then take the knot of the heart and pull it back through the feet of the poodle.  Tie the two ends of the heart again around the feet.

    Next, arrange the poodle so that it is inside the heart and facing out.  The base of the heart will come down on the sides of the feet as shown in 10.

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    • K9keystrokes profile image

      India Arnold 7 years ago from Northern, California

      Really good job teaching the balloon arts! The visual images are outstanding. I enjoyed your hub.