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How to make a Jewellery Box from Paper

Updated on November 20, 2013
old newspaper sheets
old newspaper sheets | Source
glue | Source
acrylic paint and brush
acrylic paint and brush | Source

Materials required for the project:

1) Old newspaper sheets

2) Glue or white adhesive

3) Water

4) Acrylic paint (any color of your choice)

5) Brushes - 2

6) An old cardboard box (use is as a base for the box)

7) Glitter or beads (Optional)

paper rolls
paper rolls | Source

My son comes from school and informed me that his teacher has given him a project to make some useful item from waste. This was given as a part of teaching them about recycling and reusing available resources.

I always enjoy making things from paper and we planned to make a jewellery box. We had nearly 10 days to submit the project. We can make lot of things using this idea.


1) I asked my son to take out some old newspaper sheets. We would've used 2 or 3 days newspaper. Separate each sheet and half them.

2) Mix some white adhesive to little water and keep it ready. You might require a broad brush to apply the glue mixture.

3) Take each half sheet and fold them once. Now roll it tightly. Apply glue mixture a little towards the end of rolling so that the paper roll remains intact.Repeat the process to make nearly 20- 30 rolls of same thickness. The number of rolls and their length depends upon the size of the box that you plan to make.

4) Allow the paper rolls to dry well. It might take a day or two to dry completely.

5) Cut the edges to make them even.

6) Paint them with a color of your choice. We used green and brown paint, to give the paper rolls the look of half dried bamboo sticks. We first painted light brown and then spray painted green above it after drying. Allow it to dry well.

7) Take the cardboard box. Using glue, stick the rolls one by one to form a bottom layer.Then form the sides. And finally the lid portion. Keep it for drying.

8) We cut 3 small pieces of paper roll and stuck on the lid to form a handle or a grip. This structure eases the opening and closing of the box.

9) The box is ready now. You can decorate it using glitter or beads or flower, etc.

Box - closed
Box - closed | Source
Box - open
Box - open | Source

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Converting waste material into useful item.


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      aarthi 2 years ago

      Good idea