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How to make a cobra knot paracord bracelet

Updated on March 22, 2014

Cobra knot paracord bracelet


We will be making the cobra knot bracelet. This is the most common paracord bracelet design and also the one that started off the paracord crafts. Often also called the survival bracelet, the cobra knot is where the paracord crafts started in the first place.

Soldiers and survival experts had a need to have some strong rope or cord handy and the bracelet was an obvious winner. It takes little space and does not get in the way.

The cobra knot is often also named the solomon bar or square knot bracelet.

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Things needed to make a paracord bracelet

There is a set of items you need for making any paracord bracelet. This set includes:

  1. paracord 550
  2. lighter
  3. scissors

I highly recommend getting a bracelet jig. It will make your bracelet making adventures a lot more enjoyable.

Many individuals prefer to use buckles or shackles to make their bracelets. I will demonstrate how to make it with the use of the lanyard/diamond knot. Using buckles is usually easier.

Uses of a paracord bracelet

The bracelet can be unraveled in an emergency and used for many applications. I will just name a few:

  • replacing shoelaces
  • fishing
  • restraint
  • trapping
  • fixing equipment
  • making shelter

The lists of paracord uses are in fact really really long, so I will not list all the uses I can because we are here to make a bracelet. I just wanted you to get a feel for the potential of the cord and in the case you will actually need cord, use your bracelet!

Another example of a cobra knot paracord bracelet

How to make a cobra knot paracord bracelet

The cobra knot is a fairly simple knot that comes in handy in various situations. When I am in need of a knot I usually think of the cobra knot.

The knot itself is made by making a four shape and then pulling the vertical cord through the loop.

To make this bracelet we will use a series of cobra knots. We will make one with the four facing to the left, then switch to another with the four shape facing to the right. This will make the knots alternate on each side.

We will use two pieces of paracord 550. A smaller piece will act as the core and should be as long as you wrist circumference is plus about half a foot for the lanyard knot.

The other cord will be our working cord.

After we have completed a series of cobra knots and achiever the ideal length, simply snip the ends of the working cord, melt them and press them onto the bracelet. This will prevent your cord and bracelet from unraveling.

See the tutorial below for images.

A few tips

  • When making a bracelet it is wise to remember to tighten the knots equally. If one does not look right, adjust it before moving on.
  • You can re-tighten everything once you are done, so do not panic if you made a loose knot.
  • If you lose count on which side the next knot is, just count the already made ones.

The tutorial

A video version of the instructions

Comment on the tutorial!

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