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How to make a paracord dog collar that looks great

Updated on December 16, 2013

Ways of making a dog collar

There are numerous ways of making a dog collar. From braiding, weaving, knotting, to using simple straps of leather to get the job done, there really are a lot of choices.

On this page i will show you how to knot your dog collar. I will be using a beautiful design i found online a while ago and has proved to be AMAZING. If you do not like this type of look, you can also try some other patterns on this page about the paracord dog collar designs.

An example


How to make a paracord dog collar?

Quality and a great design are the features that i find most important when making anything and that also applies to dog collars. On this page we will take a look at why make a dog collar in the first place, as well as materials we can use and finish up by learning how to make a dog collar using my favorite pattern.

How to make a dog collar tutorial

Let's make a dog collar!

My favorite dog collar design is made with the process of knotting. The process is easy and makes a beautiful and sturdy collar. You can make this collar in two colors, like i will show in the following segments, or just one color, if you so desire.

For this project i used 40 feet of paracord 550 in colors neon orange (22 feet) and black (18 feet). Other useful items you will need for this collar are a pair of scissors or a knife and a lighter to melt the edges.

The steps in making the collar are as follows:

  • attach a buckle on one end or the base cord
  • attach the other part of the buckle the distance away from the first one that is the length of your dogs neck
  • attach a D-ring with which you clip the leash on the collar
  • immobilize the two center strings with the buckles to make your work easier
  • make the cobra stitch collar
  • if you want a bulkier collar, continue with the king cobra cover (the black cord on top of the orange one)
  • ENJOY!

Follow the tutorial below for an easy way to learn how to make a dog collar.

Making the cobra stitch collar

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Learn how to make the cobra stitch with the help of a video

Making the king cobra top part

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Learn how to make the King cobra knot with this video

© 2013 Mark-well


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