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How to make a glass tile pendant

Updated on October 22, 2016

Make a pendant

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colorful scrapbooking paperGlue and decoupage pasteglass tilesa bailPress down the bail at the back firmlyThe front view of a square pendantA rectangular pendant
colorful scrapbooking paper
colorful scrapbooking paper
Glue and decoupage paste
Glue and decoupage paste
glass tiles
glass tiles
a bail
a bail
Press down the bail at the back firmly
Press down the bail at the back firmly
The front view of a square pendant
The front view of a square pendant
A rectangular pendant
A rectangular pendant

There is nothing as gratifying as making something yourself. Making jewellery was once viewed as something professionals did, however these days we have access to all sorts of materials to create things that we once would have bought. Today I hope to show you how to make a glass tile pendant. These are relatively cheap to make and very simple. They are very versatile and can be used as gifts for friends, tags for a bag, or to hang from a key ring. -

Pendant Materials

Purchase all your materials - glass tiles can be bought from craft stores or online from Etsy and Ebay and they come in various sizes and shapes from round to square to rectangular. You will need the following materials:

  • glass tile
  • Scrapbook paper of your choice
  • Glue - E6000 is an industrial strength glue and perfect for this project.
  • Mod Podge (although I found this expensive so I used something called decoupage and craft paste which was much cheaper)
  • A paintbrush
  • A bail to glue to the top of your pendant. A bail is the part that holds the pendant and the chain. These can be bought at beading or craft stores and online. A glue on bail is the best to use.
  • A small pair of sharp scissors
  • Chain or ribbon for your pendant

Choosing your image

  • Place tile on your scrap-booking paper. Move it around until you find the pattern or image you like.
  • Trace around the tile with a pencil.
  • Carefully cut out the image. Make sure that your paper fits behind the tile without leaving a border sticking out or too much glass inside. The paper should fit the tile as perfectly as possible.
  • If you would like to add a monogram or a word to your pendant this is the time to cut out the word you have printed on your computer or use a rub-on monogram. Add it onto your paper.
  • Next turn your tile pendant upside down on the table. Take a small amount of Mod Podge and paint it onto the back of the pendant in even, smooth strokes.
  • Then place your paper face down onto the tile using your fingers to smooth it down carefully.
  • Take a little more Mod Podge and paint the back of the paper on your tile. Paint a couple of coats. This will help to seal your pendant and although it won't be waterproof, it will help it to be water resistant.
  • Leave the pendant to dry for at least two hours. Trim any excess paper around the pendant.

Attaching the bail

  • Open your glue (E6000 or 527) and have a piece of paper handy in case the glue runs out when opened.
  • Take your flat glue-on bail and place a little glue at the back of it where it will stick to the pendant.
  • Once you have it centered you can glue it down, pressing the back firmly to make sure it is stuck. A suggestion is to line up your bail first to get a visual impression of the completed pendant so that you don't glue it in the wrong place.
  • Leave the pendant overnight for the glue to set really firmly before adding your chain or ribbon.
  • Finally add the chain of your choice to your pendant and enjoy wearing your own unique wearable art.

Some other ideas for your tile pendant is to print out words on your computer to add to the scrapbook paper to make it unique. A photograph printed out on the computer using black and white, sepia or color can also be used. Just be careful that colors don't run when applying the Mod Podge to the image.

All that's left to do is to enjoy wearing your unique pendant and receiving compliments from friends. These make fabulous birthday gifts and Christmas gifts too.

Wearable art


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    • Maralexa profile image

      Marilyn Alexander 6 years ago from Vancouver, Canada and San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

      This is a great hub! Thanks for sharing your talent, Caro. You have made the making of a glass pendant look easy and straightforward. These could make great Christmas presents as well as fun craft projects. I look forward to reading more of your hubs. Up and awesome.