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How to make salt mass and what you can do with it?

Updated on February 19, 2011
Angel made with salt mass
Angel made with salt mass

Making things using salt mass is a great way to free your creativity and make nice and usefully things. It is good way to give something to do for your children if they are bored. There is a lot of tutorials on Internet that show how to make angels, animals, Christmas decoration etc. using salt mass.  In this hub I want to show how to make two types of salt mass : for general purpose and for making small details.

Salt mass for general purpose

To make salt mass for general purpose (for example making a angel) we need :

- 1 glass of flour
- 1 glass of salt
- 1/2 glass of water

Mix salt and flour. Slowly add water and continue mixing until mass is soft and easy to form. If it become to watery just add flour and salt in same proportions. Continue with mixing for about 5-10 minutes.

Hearts made with salt mass
Hearts made with salt mass
Hedgehog made with salt mass
Hedgehog made with salt mass

Salt mass to make small details

To make salt mass for making small details add 1/2 glass of potato flour to ingredients for regular salt mass. The next step (after you make your models) is to dry salt mass. If you don’t want to use oven for that you can add 2 spoons of paper glue (glue used for wallpapers is also ok).

When mass is ready it is time to make your models. Remember that you can make just what you imagine. Look for inspiration on Internet. I want to give you few tips about how to make models :

-put some water on pieces that you want to connect
-sometimes paperclip can be useful
-to give your mass some color you can use cacao or other ingredient that you have in you kitchen
-after drying you can paint model with water paint
-free your imagination :)

When using general purpose salt mass (without glue) it is necessary to “cook” it to make it hard. The achieve best result use gas or electric oven. Set temperature to about 75 Celsius degree (about 170 Fahrenheit degree) and leave your model until it become hard (you can check this with fork). Be carefully because it will be quite hot.
Microwave oven can’t be used to make salt mass models! This is very important. Putting mass models to microwave can be very dangerous. Never do that.

I hope that I give you good idea to spend some time and make some nice stuff. It is really good idea to do Christmas presents. Some times they can make your family more happy then new digital camera or mobile phone.

Sheeps made with salt mass
Sheeps made with salt mass
Angel made with salt mass
Angel made with salt mass


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