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How to sell your photos

Updated on December 17, 2012

There are many places to sell you photos the key is to find the sites where you get the most revenue. Many sites want to take over half the profit by selling prints, and some styles with out any profit. The best way to sell your art is direct with your own website you can get free websites with Google and other places, you could give out photo ideas and run a blog site ans sell photos and give photography tips. is a free website for artists they take no commission on any art you sell. Featuring unlimited art uploads, just be sure you watermark your own stuff so it cannot be copied. is a free site, they have art galleries and jobs available too. is featured as an Art social network, but not really and art gallery. is a completely free site with portfolio options and blog too. a digital art site a good resource site. Fine Art enables you to sell original art or your own art, but they take a cut. has the same principal. , Artspan, Coroflot,FigDig,Shown'D are all sites that offer a portfolio for artist with additional costs for art uploads. is a site to share art. is a place to get a free website but it is work putting your photos in. I hope these sites help you sell your photos!!! <a href="" style="font: 10pt arial; text-decoration: underline;">oregon photos</a>


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