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How to Draw a Rose

Updated on August 22, 2008

Draw Roses Like This

Learn how to draw beautiful roses just like this one! Photo credit: Angela Harris
Learn how to draw beautiful roses just like this one! Photo credit: Angela Harris

Learn How to Draw a Rose Online

I have unfortunately never been blessed with the artistic gene. I tried to draw several times when I was little, but didn't seem to ever be able to draw very well.

With the popularity of the internet, I have found a fantastic way to learn how to draw. It seems to work for me as well as art lessons. I watch (and pause) online videos to learn how to draw step by step.

The one artistic thing I have most wanted to learn is how to draw a rose. I have found some excellent drawing videos online that have helped me immensely. If you also want to learn how to draw a rose, try watching these art tutorial videos. I bet you will be surprised how well they aid you in learning how to draw roses.

Video Teaches How to Draw a Rose

This art video shows a very simple rose and is perfect for teaching children how to draw.

How to Draw Roses

Video showing how to draw a rose of different types using just a marker. This is a video showing basic rose drawing techniques, and should be easy enough even for older children.

Speed Drawing Showing How to Draw a Red Rose

Learn how to draw a rose with this red rose speed drawing video. Includes how to draw rose stem and petals. Pretty cool rose drawing

How to Draw a Rose With a Pen

This video shows how to draw a rose and teaches how to shade a rose drawing with nothing but a pen

How to Draw a Rose Video Tutorial

Learn how to draw a rose by watching this artist draw a beautiful rose from beginning to end.

Advanced How to Draw a Rose Video

Watch as the plain screen develops into a rose right before your eyes. This is more detailed and advanced than some rose art videos, but if you pause the drawing at intervals and have some knowledge of drawing techniques such as shading, it is still possible to learn how to draw a rose by watching this video. A beautiful rose at that.

Step by Step How to Draw a Rose

Step by step tutorial video for how to draw a rose-The beginning of the rose drawing video is too light to see, but it is still worth watching.

Oral instructions are given along the way on how to draw roses, and later in the drawing video you can see the rose outline clearly.

The following 4 part video series shows how to draw a rose from start to finish starting with the rose outline and ending with shading- very detailed drawing videos

How to Draw a Rose Video 1

Learn to Draw a Rose Video 2

Learn to Draw a Rose Video 3

How to Draw Roses Video 4

How to Paint a Cabbage Rose

Once you learn how to draw a rose, try your hand at learning how to paint a rose. This tutorial video shows how to paint a cabbage rose.

If you enjoy this video, try some of the Amazon products on the left. They are by the same artist using the same techniques to paint a rose.

How to Draw a Rose Comments

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    • profile image

      Tom 5 years ago

      I drew a rose perfectly first time! Thanks!!!

    • profile image

      Hi 6 years ago

      This is hard, I'm not an artist.


    • profile image

      ABC 11 6 years ago

      heyy an easier way is 2 draw the center petal and slowly circle out and then, when it is desired size, you add a stem and leaves if you want add thorns

    • profile image

      cute.jessica/popular 6 years ago

      the videos are awesome

    • profile image

      jv 7 years ago

      how rude then go find a different site i like this one

    • profile image

      anoyyed 7 years ago

      i need GOOD step by step videos not fast one like these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Kat 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Annoyed 7 years ago

      I do not need videos, I need written step by step.

    • Angela Harris profile image

      Angela Harris 7 years ago from Around the USA

      Ariel, I'm so glad!

    • profile image

      Ariel 7 years ago

      I've always had a art talent but I can never give my art work deminsion or make if feel like it was comming off the page and thanks too your videos they helped me shade better!

    • profile image

      supriyo sen 7 years ago

      it really rocks.

    • profile image

      collin 7 years ago

      i need dam step by step

    • profile image

      Sarah 7 years ago

      hey yall it was awsome i tried drawing it and it sucked! then i treid again and it still sucked. i practiced for days and days and finally i got it and now it is perrrrrfect!

    • profile image

      lolgirl 7 years ago

      lol don't be mean just kidding im not that good at art :( but i am ganna keep trying :P

    • profile image

      Nezzy 7 years ago

      cool like this its the first time i rit a comment too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps love the roses!!!!!!!! lol !@?:@><

    • De Greek profile image

      De Greek 7 years ago from UK

      Very nice, thanks :-))

    • profile image

      ttt6ttttttt 8 years ago

      your thing is ugly

    • profile image

      dudee 8 years ago


      i wanna draw like dat dogg!

      man dat peep is rockin!!

    • profile image

      girlllllllllllll 8 years ago

      the rose is awsome to me!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      flyyyy 8 years ago

      all of da roses r cute but i like speed drawing red roses the best of all!!! they r so pretty!

    • profile image

      8 years ago

      it was the best rose i have ever seen in my entire life.But when i tryed to draw it i could not draw it as good as yall!!!!then i tryed agian and it was perfect i thaught because it looked exactly like yours!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      8 years ago

      i drew one and 1st time it was awsome

    • nikki1 profile image

      nikki1 8 years ago

      very impressive.

    • profile image

      teisha 8 years ago

      thiese vidioes are amazing but to have more veiwers can u have PICTURS of a step by step website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      nbvhnhhh 8 years ago

      does any 1 know a easyier way

    • profile image

      majorduke 8 years ago

      ty i was going to draw a rose for a girl i want to sk out and thanks to these i just drew one and on the first try it looks great

    • rvsource profile image

      rvsource 8 years ago

      Good shading techniques, have you ever tried using a tortillion to shade with? You might like it better.

    • profile image

      angel 8 years ago

      ugly roses

    • profile image

      Lupita Perez 8 years ago

      thanks for teaching me how to draw roses

    • pcjunkychick profile image

      pcjunkychick 9 years ago from OKC