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The Artistic Creations of Jimmy Lee

Updated on March 20, 2010

My Dad...... My Hero

My earliest memory of Dad is seeing him on the couch eating ice cream. To this very day, if Dad is coming over, you better have ice cream! He didn't get back into his art until about 15 years ago when he and Mom began their inspirational hometown newspaper called "The Voice in the Desert". I am so proud of my parents. They have raised us kids with the loving guidance that I was only able to appreciate in my later years. And are just some of the many Artistic Creations of Jimmy Lee


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    • Deanomax profile image

      Deanomax 7 years ago

      Talented and handsome? shucks thank you sis. mean Dad!

    • profile image

      Linda McWilliams 7 years ago

      What a talented, and handsome man! Just wish my brother called me back, eh?