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Ideas For Kids Woodworking Projects

Updated on August 10, 2010

Ideas For Kids Woodworking Projects

As children start to get older, you can introduce them to more advanced types of arts and crafts. It’s really a lot of fun and there are so many unique and enjoyable projects that children can work on. Of course you just want to ensure that only the grownups are using the large and dangerous equipment and keep the safer parts of the projects to the kids. This way they can have fun and work on a more grown up project with you but not risk injuring themselves.

There are lots of different ideas for woodworking projects for kids. One is a perfect project for Halloween, because it will be a large Halloween lawn figure that can be used to decorate the front yard. It’s very simple to do and all you need for supplies are a jig saw, sandpaper, hammer, dust mask, goggles, artist’s brush, carbon paper, wooden stakes, finishing nails, plywood and some paint. Then you want to print the pattern off the computer or trace onto paper, put carbon paper over the plywood and lay the pattern over top of this.

Now you place the pattern with the carbon paper over the wood and trace over the lines of the pattern that you’ve chosen. Make sure that the kids are pressing hard with their pencils so the carbon paper will trace through solidly onto the wood, otherwise it’s going to be hard to tell where to cut. Then you use the jigsaw to cut out the shape and start to sandpaper around the edges until they’re smooth to the touch. You don’t want uneven, rough edges on your Halloween lawn figurine and this is the perfect job for the little ones because they won’t hurt themselves on the sandpaper.

Once the edges are smooth it can be painted any color you want, and you may even want to use some accessories to finish the piece off. There are lots of other fun kids woodworking projects you could enjoy, such as the Halloween goodie bag. Of course shaping wood like a basket would take quite some time and be a pretty advanced project for a kid. You can even just make something basic by taking five square pieces of wood, nailing them together, and getting the child to color and decorate it with all their favorite colors.

Make a box like shape but without a top on it, and they can decorate this however they want and take it around to collect candy. Kids really enjoy woodworking projects because it lets them create things that they can treasure for a lifetime. Most kids love doing crafts and as kids get older and are able to use the tools on their own, they can come up with some really creative and exciting ideas. These are just a couple ideas for kids woodworking projects and you can spend a bit of time online or reading through woodworking books to get more fabulous ideas.


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