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Indonesian Batiks and Artists

Updated on October 15, 2010
Batik coloring from shells, peels and barks
Batik coloring from shells, peels and barks
Wax Pot with beeswax and paraffin
Wax Pot with beeswax and paraffin
Canting Tulis, drawing on the cloth
Canting Tulis, drawing on the cloth
Canting Tulise working on a fish
Canting Tulise working on a fish
After drawing the lines with wax, the colouring
After drawing the lines with wax, the colouring

Origin of Batiks & Making of Batiks - Indonesia

Indonesia seems to be found synonymous when we talk about batiks. Indonesian batik art  has become popular over the last century. However the batik art has been around for centuries. Interestingly, there is a good number of indonesian batik artists .

Batik is a dye-resist decorating technique which has been practised by many people throughout the the production of Peruvian pottery works, easter eggs, and some ornamental cloths in China.

Only in the late 19th century that this art began to reach its finest form in Java, Indonesia. Thus Indonesian batiks has become very popular throughout the world.

The equipment used in the making of batik cloths are rather simple. But the art of making the canting tulis which is used to hold the liquid wax to draw out the design needs a skillful copper tool-maker to place together the spout onto the copper basin.

The batik art design is important also the creator needs to know what colours to use and where to apply it. batikker will need the patience to draw on the white cloth with the canting tulis, to wax the lines to separate the sections of the drawing.

Painstakingly the batikker will dip the canting tulis into the pot of liquid wax (beeswax and paraffin) to collect a small amount of wax, and use it to draw on the cloth. It can literally take hours and days for one masterpiece to emerge.

Painting, washing, waxing and adding colours again... the repeated process on various designs and drawings will need a passionate, skillful, and patient person to handle it.

Colours for the batiks are usually derived from barks, shells, leaves, peels of trees and fruits. Some batik methods may use a stamp where designs are already being determined and it will consistently produce the same design on a piece of cloth.

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Batik - fish design in the makingBatik art - birds in the jungleBatik art - sea creaturesBatik art - fishesBatik art - dragonBatik shawlsBatik shirts for menBatik bags and pursesBatik wraps and dresses
Batik - fish design in the making
Batik - fish design in the making
Batik art - birds in the jungle
Batik art - birds in the jungle
Batik art - sea creatures
Batik art - sea creatures
Batik art - fishes
Batik art - fishes
Batik art - dragon
Batik art - dragon
Batik shawls
Batik shawls
Batik shirts for men
Batik shirts for men
Batik bags and purses
Batik bags and purses
Batik wraps and dresses
Batik wraps and dresses

Batik clothes, art, bags & accessories

If you walk the streets in Bali, Indonesia, you will come across all kinds of products made from batik.  Beachgoers will be seen wearing shorts and bikinis with batik designs.  Scarfs, wraps, blouses and shirts line the streets in Bali where you can find store after store selling basically anything that has batik designs.  Batik bags, purses, and other accessories can be found on the streets in Java also.  Batiks make great table cloths also.  Their designs are simply something you would adore if you are into creativity and art.  Yes!  Batik art pieces framed and hung on the walls of dining and living rooms, just brighten and beautify the environment.  Some batik art pieces by famous batik artists may not come cheap.  Indonesia produces some of the best batik art pieces for batik collectors. 


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  • profile image

    shannen from pembroke school 

    7 years ago

    im doing batik for my art exam any tips

  • profile image

    barry acott 

    8 years ago

    I have some good silk batik tulis from Solo to view on my site.


    Barry Acott

  • jollytan profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Singapore

    It is a joy to just watch them painstakingly doing this batik art. I too wish to learn and create my own masterpiece.

  • Sally's Trove profile image


    8 years ago from Southeastern Pennsylvania

    I admire the creativity and skill that go into creating batik. I've never tried it, and I've never watched an artist work in this medium. You've whet my appetite for learning more about this beautiful craft. Thank you!

  • jollytan profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago from Singapore

    Glad to know there are people who like batiks. I was in Bali 2 weeks ago and thought since I captured some nice photos, might as well create an article for hubpages.

  • beth811 profile image


    9 years ago from Pearl of the Orient Seas

    I really like batiks... from my skirts, blouses to blankets, I have them. I like its colors and intricate designs.



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