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Interested in learning 3D Graphics?

Updated on August 15, 2016
Created using 3d max and photoshop.
Created using 3d max and photoshop.

3d Graphics and How We Use Them.

3d graphics are something that's become more common over the past years. We see it in our movies, video games, technical books and just about everything else made on the computer now days. A lot the younger generation grew up knowing about how much 3d influences their lives today. I've been a 3d graphic artist for about 15 years. My main field of work is mainly in the architecture field. I use 3d to show architects how their designs are to look like when built. Technology has grown so much with our culture that its a normal thing now days. The cell phones today now can play games we never even dreamed of 20 years ago. There a few sites that I really like to use for inspiration and information. I'd like to show you a few websites I use daily. Hopefully this will give you a direction for those interested in learning 3d. There is plenty of information out there on the internet.

I created this image using Zbrush.
I created this image using Zbrush.

The Right Path

I know some of us can't afford to go to some fancy school to get the education to learn 3d graphics. That doesn't mean you still can't learn it. It does take a little longer to learn if you don't go to school to learn. But if there is a will there is a way. When I first got into 3d there was not many websites to go to. So for now I have 3 main sites I'd like to show you in getting you on the right path to getting an understanding of 3d graphics. Most these sites you can find the community is very helpful in answering your questions. I could show more sites than 3, but I feel these sites are good for getting your feet wet for the time being.

Site 1


Cgsociety is a great website for seeing the latest news in 3d. I come here for the latest news in the industry to see what is going on. I really like the forums that are here on this website. The community is a great place that is very helpful. They have lots of members that show work in progress that inspire you to learn from them. You can even ask questions of the members there too. It does help to do your home work before asking random questions. In a sense nobody is going to spoon feed you at the same time either. But check out this site and look around. You'll find that if your interested in 3d and animations that you'll find a gold mine of information.

Site 2


3DTotal is another great website that I've been going to for a long time. This site is very similar to cgsociety. The main thing good about this site is that it has some very good tutorials on learning. The tutorials are broken up in to different software. They have a forums section on 3dtotal that you should take a look around in. If your serious about getting into learning 3d this is a good site to learn from.

Site 3


This site I mainly want to point out for other uses for 3d graphics. The first two sites had shown a lot of how movies and games use 3d. Cgarchitect is a site made for artist who work in architecture. This is my main field of work. We use 3d to show clients how their structure will look when it's completed. I come to this site to be inspired by seeing all the awesome work people create in 3d.This site has a good forums page that you can go to.

Social media

Something that has come up very fast over the years is social media. Even though a lot of the sites I pointed out have forums they are not as active as they use to be. A lot of this I feel is due to social media and how people use their time on the Internet. The only draw back for social media is that you could miss something that was posted a few days ago slipping into the cracks and never to be seen again. I like webpages because you can go back and usually track down something that was seen like a tutorial or a piece of art that inspired you in a way. So look for a few social media places that are based on 3D and also follow artist that inspire you.

I made this using Zbrush
I made this using Zbrush


I hope these links help you in understanding better about 3d graphics. I didn't cover types of software to use given the answers are in each webpage provided. It takes work to get a hand on learning a 3d package. But with some dedicated time you'll get there! Don't feel intimidated either. Most people in the forums will be also looking for answers too. So keep moving forward if this is something your interested in.


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