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ipads For Artists

Updated on August 16, 2012

Ipads For Art

 Ipads are a relatively new invention, a sort of larger Iphone but for use primarily for the Internet and with Ipads, you can use them for drawing and lots of pother digital illustration and art that you would create normally with a PC or laptop and the touch screen is very appealing from what I've seen on YouTube videos (See examples below!) as you can touch the screen and expand the screen by sliding it outwards which just looks really futuristic almost like a scene from a movie or something(Can't you tell I'm amazed by ipads!)

Apple has outdone itself with these ipads and they look really sleek and cool to use. Although I don't have one yet, I will do soon as I've put it on my Christmas list. The very fact that you can access the Internet and use many of computer applications like a normal computer is just so cool. Although having Photoshop and other added software costs you more money, the ipad is a revolution in terms of it's simplicity of design and ease of use(I've played on my friends ipad....and I want one now!)

It takes a bit of getting used to at first, but once you do it becomes another technology tool that you really must use quite often and also the very idea of reading books on them too seems quite a good thing, I know you could get a Kindle or Nook, but an ipad might be good for an all round tool for doing various online activities, such as work and play online, so I can see ipads being around for a long time with the possibility of Apple adding more extras in the future.

For many though, the digital art creation is the main reason why I would want an ipad as you can eliminate the need for a graphics tablet and mouse and even a laptops touch pad and just do everything on screen is just better as it not only saves space it helps your mind focus on the artistic tasks at hand.

Ipads are a good purchase, but you need to shop around for a good deal, like everything else.

Drawing On The Apple Ipad

Ipads For Art

Ipads for artists.
Ipads for artists. | Source

Ipads For Artists

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