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Jewelry Knows No Bounds

Updated on January 24, 2014

There are many things associated with jewelery. The unusual quality of different pieces spreads like as if; once the gem is used it will never be thrown away. The imagination from minds that influenced me to embrace the textures, the colors the shine and twinkle is now embedded in me to reuse to create a master piece.

As time is spent following your dreams at different stages of your life remember your jewelery; the piece that broke, the one earring missing. A collection is forming a lifetime of them memories. In one instant several watches lay before me. The manufactures of each slipped through my hands. Justifiably, when the battery stops or the crystals are no longer appreciated the watch is seldom warn and proceeds to take on a whole new time.

How about a piece of art; one that speaks the time you spent making memories when each watch and other jewelery was warn. A particular watch could become your closest friends that you no longer watch. This art is your port hole into your past. Do you think out side the box. What is your imagination telling you to do with your misfit jewelery?

When asked, What would you do with all these watches? My husband replied "how about a clock out of watches. Nice idea. I must save a few more broken watches for that project. Garage sales here we come.

Watching the Watches Living in Time

One Move of the Mind Speaking to the Finger

Beads strung but broken can be used to create other jewelery or not. Paint an art piece with the strand. Just move them around until something appeals to you and your senses. If nothing else, your mind is at ease. You have collected all your broken jewelery and move them amongst each other for ideas.

No Rhyme or Reason

When I was a kid my mom let me cover one of her jewelery boxes with broken pieces and shells. Too bad I don't have that

I can find a picture I don't care for and use it for my jewelery mosaic.


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