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Jute Placemat Pattern

Updated on February 11, 2013


Jute string is a common hardware item. It's mostly used for garden needs as a twine to tie things. It is coarse, and is as common as cotton.

The natural color is brown, and there are several variants and sizes available in the market.

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Jute string, any size that you want, for this pattern I used a worsted weight equivalent.

Size 6 or 6.5mm hook to obtain gauge

DK weight cotton yarn in 2 strands held together, I used Southmaid Cotton 8 in coral.


NOTE: You will turn the work each time you finish a Jute row.

1. With hook, chain the length that you are comfortable with.

2. HDC on 3rd chain from hook. HDC on each of the stitches across.

3. Work 10 rows. Do not cut yarn. Slip stitch the Southmaid Cotton on the last stitch above the first stitch on previous row.

4. With Southmaid cotton, Ch 2. HDC on same stitch. HDC on each stitch across. Finish off the cotton yarn on the last stitch.

5. With the jute string that is set aside on the right side of the work,CH 3.HDC on top of the first Cotton HDC.

6. HDC on each stitch across. Work another 9 rows.

7. Repeat 3 and 4.

8. Repeat 5.

9. Just continue repeating this until you got the deserved width of the project, ending with Jute row. Fasten off.

10. Attach cotton yarn on one corner of the work. Work 2 HDC on each corner, and one HDC for each stitch across. Fasten off.


1. The finished item should be handwashed separately.

2. This project used a very thick twine , so use big aluminum hooks too.

3. The cotton yarn rows and edging are used to give the hands a break , because jute is very tough to work with :)


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