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Keeping Your Paperbacks In Good Condition.

Updated on March 27, 2015

Therefore, in my case, protecting paperback book covers was a big issue.

I thought of experimenting with glued-cellophane tape as a solution to this problem. I began taping my paperbacks about 15 years ago. Now, with improved techniques, I have managed to maintain all the paperbacks in my library in their original condition. Whenever I buy a book (to keep), I tape it before I start reading it.

Here are the steps you can follow to tape a book cover:

Paperback covers get damaged easily.

Why does this happen? Paperback covers are made of weak cardboard. When you start reading the book your fingers will always touch the tall-edge (opposite to the spine) of it. Fingers are rough and they will always have sweat and oil which makes the cover to wear-out from the tall-edge.

When taking the book in a handbag, the two corners of the tall-edge tend to become bent inwards or outwards. This causes your attractive paperback to look dog-eared and ugly.

Tools You Need

A reel of wide cellophane tape, and a sharp paper-cutter is all you need.

Step 1: Tape the Tall Edge.

Leave an inch of tape before you stick half-width of it on to the front side of the book cover. Drag the tape up to the lower edge of the cover. Stick it well. Leave another inch out beyond the lower edge of the book cover, and cut the tape.

Step 2: Fold the Tape Edges.

Fold the inch-long parts of the tape left at the upper and lower edges, as shown in the pictures.

Step 3: Fold the Tape over Tall Edge.

Fold the half-width of the tape over the tall-edge of the book cover. Stick it well.

Step 4: Cut-off ff the Tape-corners

Fold outwards the triangular corners of the tape, and cut them off with the paper cutter.

Step 5: Tape the Top Edge

Follow the same method to tape the top edge of the book cover. Leave out an inch of tape at the beginning and end of the tape. Stick half-width of tape on the front side of the book cover. Leave the other half-width to be folded over to the inside of the cover.

Step 6: Fold the Corners

Fold the left out inch of tape inwards and stick well. Now the book cover will look like the below picture.

Cut the tape along the lines shown in the above picture. Fold the tape inwards and stick well.

Step 7: Cut-off the Spinal Tape-end.

Cut off the remaining piece of tape on the edge of the spine carefully. Do the same to the lower edge of the book cover as well.

Now your book cover is protected. This will last for 15-20 years depending on the quality of the tape.


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