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An easy way to make beautiful bricks design wall art

Updated on August 18, 2014
Basic brick pattern
Basic brick pattern | Source


This hub is simply a tutorial on how to make a beautiful wall art by applying simple technique called masking. This one actually is so easy to make that even a small child of the age 6-7 years can easy do this. My son who is only 7 does this by taking little help from me where i have to paste the tape on the wall. Wall arts mostly comes in sticker forms or wall paper form, very few people think of painting the wall directly. Wall art can be so much fun i realised after doing this on my own. So let us see how to actually make a beautiful wall art without much preparation.

Materials required

Materials you will need to make this includes a half inch glue tape, acrylic paints, thick brush, and some water. A thick brush is required because we have color the area randomly without any detailing just the way we paint the wall. If you wish to add something more to it then use plastic animals like a bat or lizard to give it a more 3d look and to make it look more real. Decoration is ones own choice boys will do it differently then its own choice.

I have used a blue color here for the bricks but you can choose color of your choice. Smooth wall are considered better for this art and a sand paper can be used to make it smoother. But this is optional.

Preparing the wall

Smooth walls does need any preparation. As we have to use a tape on the wall which is later removed we need a flat surface wall. Although there is no fixed rule here so try it on whatever surface you have and see the result. Clean the area with a cloth and use a sandpaper to level the surface. The walls on which i have done this is just not a perfect wall for this art but still the result is okay.

Apply the tape
Apply the tape | Source
Color application
Color application | Source
Remove the tape
Remove the tape | Source
Touch up
Touch up | Source
Add for decoration, here these are plastic animals
Add for decoration, here these are plastic animals | Source

Start making the real work - Follow these steps

After preparing the wall mark 2 feet by 2 feet area on the wall with a pencil...just mark the dots and remember this will in a square or rectangular shape.

Now apply the tape on all four sides to complete the square. Apply the tape carefully so that there are no lumps of tape left.

Now divide the square into equal parts horizontally, mark the position using a pencil.

Now apply tape along all the horizontal lines from start to end. This needs to be done carefully so that lines are straight and no folds of tape should be there.

Now as we know about how the brick pattern is so accordingly you have to apply tape this time vertically. You need to cut small pieces of tape this time and apply on the wall as per the pattern. Bricks pattern is something we are very familiar with so it won't be a problem at all.

Once tape work is done perfectly move on to the coloring part. Here use acrylic paint and any color of your choice. Contrast colors always looks good like red on white or brown on beige so choose whatever you like.

Using a thick brush apply paint randomly on all over the area covering the tape also...even small kids can do this and that too with lot of fun. Cover whole area nicely and the only part you have to be careful is the outline because your brush should not go beyond the tape. So here just be little careful.

Now leave it to dry for sometime and keep checking if the color still comes on your hand when you touch the wall, if not it means it is ready.

Now comes the best part where you have to remove the tape. So begin from one side corner and start removing all the tape. Once this is done check if it needs any touch up.

Once you remove all the tapes you see how beautifully bricks design comes out and how perfect each brick rectangular shape comes out effortlessly.

This wall surface is not smooth and 7 year old kid has done this,
This wall surface is not smooth and 7 year old kid has done this, | Source

Final decoration

Once all the previous steps are done comes the decoration which will enhance the look. Think of a theme like insects or flowers and butterflies etc. We can think of endless themes so do what goes well with the rooms decoration and colors. Like for example you can paste photographs also or paste cartoon pictures if it is a kids room. Leaving the area without any decoration will also look nice. Later cover more area or half of the wall that will look nice and different colors can be applied on the wall. This whole process can also be done on wood also but that will require you to hang it on the wall.

Hope you like this effortless way of doing wall art and you will apply this idea on at least one of your house wall. Thanks, your feed backs are important.


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