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Kids can make simple craft gifts for Valentine's Day

Updated on January 12, 2015

Kids may want to get in to the Valentine's Day spirit by giving gifts to family members or special friends. Instead of taking them to the store to search for something to give, let them gather supplies probably already in the house and make gifts.

A few crafts most kids can easily make include paper flowers, heart-framed art, and a hair accessory.

Paper flowers

Paper Flowers
Paper Flowers | Source


  • tissue paper, three sheets for every two flowers (reusing tissue paper from Victoria's Secret purchases is perfect)
  • pipe cleaners, one per flower
  • scissors

Place the three sheets of tissue paper on top of each other, then fold up about an inch. Continue folding in inch segments, accordion or fan style. When completely folded, cut into two halves.

Around the center of each half, wrap the top of a pipe cleaner and secure it to itself, forming a stem.

Fan out the tissue paper and carefully separate the sheets, creating the petals of a flower.

If a vase is desired, the child can glue pieces of tissue paper on a clean glass jar found in the recycling. Just rip the paper into pieces about an inch square and brush the glue over the pieces onto the jar.

Heart-framed art

Heart-framed art
Heart-framed art | Source


  • two sheets of construction paper, one to become the frame, the other to become the background for the child's art
  • crayons or ripped up tissue paper
  • pencil

Fold the paper for the frame in half, and cut a half heart shape (almost a C-shape with the bottom continuing down instead of curling up.) Unfold to reveal a heart-shaped frame.

With a pencil, trace the outline of a heart using the frame onto the other sheet of construction paper. Allow your child to draw a picture, scribble or glue pieces of tissue paper in the heart. It's okay if he colors outside the line since the frame will cover that up. Glue the frame on top, making a frame for your child's artwork. Don't forget to have your child sign it or write a message to the person he is giving it to.

For a more advanced look, cut several hearts in the frame, and scribble or stick tissue all over the background sheet.

Hair accessory

Felt heart hair accessory
Felt heart hair accessory | Source


  • hair pin
  • scrap of felt, a couple of inches square
  • scissors

If your child can cut a heart shape, she can make a hair accessory. Fold the felt in half, and cut out the half heart shape, as described in the previous craft. With the heart still folded, fold in half the opposite direction and cut a small notch in that fold.

When the heart is unfolded, there should be two notches to slip the flat side of the pin through.

This craft can be modified so the felt heart fits on a skinny headband, if that look is preferred.

© 2015 Samantha Sinclair


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    • TeraMae profile image

      Linda Ray Miller 3 years ago from Nashville

      Thanks for the ideas. Your crafts can be done with supplies already around the house (at least a house already into crafts). Keep it up!