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Knit A Scarf Free Patterns

Updated on July 7, 2016

The Scarf

A scarf or a neck wrap, is a length of fabric, used to wrap around the head, neck or waist. Scarves are used for warmth, style, and religious reasons.

Scarves are usually made up using three basic shapes, which are the square, rectangle or a triangle.

Some uniforms were equipped with scarves such as the Military and Scouting Uniforms.

In sports, fans often wore colored scarves in support of their favored team.

Scarves can be and are worn in every season, Spring, summer, fall and winter. They can be worn for warmth or as a fashion statement..

There are long scarves and short scarves.

Scarves can be worn around the neck, the waist or over the head.

Women all over the world wear scarves..

In the days gone by when women set their own hair up in rollers it was not uncommon to see a woman dash to the supermarket with rollers in her hair that was covered with a scarf.

You know the look. A beautiful woman with her hair set in rollers, her head is then covered with a beautiful scarf and she is wearing a great pair of sunglasses, it's a great look or at least it was in the day.....She most likely has a hot date that night, when she realizes she has a run in her nylon stockings or she needs the perfect shade of red nail polish.. Time is short so she has to dash out in rollers..No , she can't take the rollers out...her hair has to be completely dry before she attempts a comb out..

Even Thelma and Louise in the movie Road Rage wore scarves over the heads to keep the dust from the hair and the hair from blowing in their faces as they sped though the desert in their convertible car.

There are Plain scarves, Lacey scarves an even Frilly Ruffle Scarves.





A Lacey Spring Look

Milkshake Reversible Scarflet

The Reversible Milkshake Scarf features two buttons sewn to the front and back of the scarf which will fit into any of the holes created by the lace design. Wear this scarf wrapped tightly around your neck to keep you warm or wear it loosely for a more relaxed fit. This scarf can be made with straight or circular knitting needles.

Super Fast Lace Scarf

This basic lace pattern makes knitting a scarf as easy as pie. With just 15 repeats, you'll have a scarf that's 65 inches long and ready to wear. The Super Fast Lace Scarf is an ideal pattern for knitters searching for an elegant scarf that's also quick to knit.

A Summer Breeze

Foulard with case
These little scarves will come to your rescue on hot summer days after you enter an air-conditioned restaurant or movie theater and the cold, while refreshing at first, begins to bother you. The scarves are designed with a stitch size that will not wrinkle or crease easily, no matter how long or how tightly crammed the foulard has been in its case. Just pull it out and shake it once or twice, and it will look as smooth as freshly blocked lace.

There are three sizes to choose from. The smallest makes a handy head-cover if a sudden breeze threatens to upset your coif; the largest can serve as a sarong. The case will keep the foulard safely stored in your purse until the next movie, dinner or wind gust.

Fall Scarves


Scarves For Fall

Tomato Palindrome Scarf

Free knitting patterns for scarves don't have to be complicated in order to make a statement. Knitwear designer Carol Sunday proves this theory to be correct in her gorgeous design for a simple Tomato Palindrome Scarf.

Fisherman's Rib Lace Scarf

A fisherman's scarf evokes tales of seafaring sailors and ocean voyages. Embrace your inner sea dog with this Fisherman's Rib Lace Scarf, a light spring or summer fisherman scarf pattern for the stylish sailor. Free knit scarf patterns like this will complete your warmweather ensemble and prepare you for a nice ocean breeze.


Snowflake Scarf
Snowflake Scarf | Source
Achernar cabled scarf
Achernar cabled scarf | Source

A Winterful Scarf

Snowflake Scarf

Super Soft Merino makes every lovely detail of the Rosette Stitch glow with a gentle halo of warmth. A chunky single ply of 100% merino wool, this yarn knits up with such a lavish drape and sumptuous coziness.

Archenar Cabled Scarf

Achernar features delicate, interlocking cables worked in a sport-weight
yarn. This medium-sized scarf looks great with the Shedir hat in Knitty’s
breast cancer awareness mini-issue

25 Ways To Wear A Scarf

Scarves can be and are worn in every season, Spring, summer, fall and winter. They can be worn for warmth or as a fashion statement..


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    • misslong123 profile image

      Michele Kelsey 4 years ago from Edmond, Oklahoma

      I love knitting scarves. That is how I began knitting. I was knitting scarves for charities. I started getting in the habit of copying patterns off the internet so that I would have more of a variety than just the garter stitch. You picked some gorgeous free patterns. Keep up the good work, and keep sharing your knitting expertise! Michele

    • lethag profile image

      Letha G. 5 years ago from USA

      Thank you Wonder wool

    • Wonder wool profile image

      Priyanka Estambale 5 years ago from United States

      I like the way each season scarf is described. Amazing.