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Know your lenses

Updated on March 27, 2013

50 mm Lens

50 mm Lens is a prime lens which have no zoom and will focus for you.With this lens you have to move to move towards your subject to get a close up and move back for a further image.This lens eats up light but will give you a crisp,creamy,fast auto focus and really works well in low light.50 mm is a great lens to do great portrait's it gives the portrait strong color and contrast.This lens gives a separation between subject and foreground/background blur quality which adds portrait dimensional to your photos.This is my favorite lens because it is small and great in low light and sharp images.

100 mm Lens

100 mm lens is a step up from the 50 mm lens and is a fast lens which is great for sports.The lens focusing is great it is fast with a great contrast and saturation on your portraits. The 100mm focal length combined with a wide aperture makes this a great portrait lens.

85 mm Lens

85 mm lens has the same features as the 50 mm lens but the 85 mm is technically a mid telephoto which lets you go back further from your subject.This is a must have for professional quality picture for close ups especially great for weddings.You want to capture every moment to share so this lens is great for wedding ceremonies and low light especially for ceremonies where you cant use a flash.Must have for great professional quality pictures.

Kit Lens

Kit lens is the lens most cameras are paired with because it is a good all around lens.This lens can do portrait to zoom in and out. This lens can be harder to use in low light but has a softer lens and is slower.

Wide Angel Lens

Wide angel lens may not all ways be practicable but it is a fun lens.You can get close up to some thing and still get it all in the frame which makes great shots of rooms and landscape.Wide angel lens has to get so much in a frame but can distort facial features which is not a good look so does not make a good portrait lens but takes good dramatic landscape pictures.

Telephoto Lens

Telephoto lens is a good lens for intricate detail zoom on landscape or grab images far away.This is a very heavy lens so staying still is hard so some times it is better to use a tripod to get a better picture.Telephoto lens make a good lens for sports and wildlife.This can get physically closer to a subject with out having to get close this lens is constructed with internal lens group that magnify the subject.


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    • The Unlearner profile image

      Jo 4 years ago from Isle of Wight UK

      Now hopefully all the revenue that I will gain from Hubs can pay for a new camera (lol) I love photography, and I am constantly improving on my skills. My sister is a wildlife photographer, and has an obsession with lens. Nice concise hub- well done.