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Free Knitting Patterns for Animal Hats, Slouch Hats and more

Updated on December 6, 2012

How to Knit a Hat


Knitting Patterns for Hats


To find knitting patterns for hats, click on the links in blue below and choose the pattern that is right for you.

Knitting Pattern Central

This is an absolutely fantastic website with lots and lots of great free knitted hats patterns all arranged alphabetically from an Abalone Hat to a Zombieland Slouch Hat. The site has lots of great tips, useful links and tutorials.

Knitting Help – Hats

On this site you can even get a Knitting Help iPhone app

This site has a range of free patterns for hats and many other knitting patterns. It also has free videos and some premium videos, together with tips and advanced techniques. It has a shop and a forum to answer all of your knitting queries. Especially useful is the glossary of all the common knitting abbreviations.

Knitting on the Net

This site offers hundreds of free knitting patterns including a whole range of knitted hat patterns for you to choose from.

All Crafts Net

This site offers a range of 200 free knitting patterns for hats as well as a range of 400 crochet hats and 500 knitted sock patterns.

How Stuff Works – Free Hat Knitting Patterns

This site offers 4 cute knitted hat patterns for you to try.

When the weather starts turning cold, you know it's time to start wrapping up warm and getting out your hats and gloves. If you're a crafty type, you'll probably be reaching for the knitting needles and whipping up a whole new load of hats, gloves, scarves, slippers, sweaters, blankets and much more!

When it comes to knitting hats, there’s a whole range of styles and wools to choose from as well as an abundance of reasons to be doing it. This handy You Tube clip shows you some different types of hats and techniques - You Tube. Whether you are looking to make the perfect handmade gift for someone special, or whether you are taking part in a charitable cause to knit hats for premature babies, soldiers or disaster victims, there is a huge demand for knitting patterns for hats.

You may be interested in knitting a beanie hat, a beret, or a bobble hat for a child or teenager, perhaps in the colours of their favourite football team, or it could be a set with matching scarf and gloves. By boil-washing the wool, you can make felted hats. Slouch hats are very on-trend or if you really want to be in on the latest fashion, knit an animal hat and wear a monkey on your head. Variations in the style of the hat include the fashionable infinity scarf or loop scarf, which can be wrapped twice around he neck as a scarf, or pulled over the head as a hood. Hats can also include inbuilt scarf and gloves, particularly handy as you only need to produce one garment and there’s not the never ending problem of trying not to lose the hat, scarf or a glove. For a really stylish finish to the hat why not add beads, buttons or ribbon or fur trimmings.

There are many fantastic blog sites and websites that offer many free knitting patterns for hats or offer them for sale as downloads. There are also a wide range of Knitting magazines and books available to give you more ideas for your projects. The projects on the websites are usually rated as to the level of expertise needed to complete the hat, whether it is for a beginner or someone who is already something of an expert. Try checking out You Tube videos too to see tips and advice.

How to knit - the basics

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    • favouriteperfume profile image

      favouriteperfume 6 years ago from Malvern, UK

      Hi Daisyjae - thank you for your comment. I love the latest trend of animal hats for children, don't you?

    • daisyjae profile image

      daisyjae 6 years ago from Canada

      I have just started trying to knot hats, so i will definitely bookmark this hub. Rated up/useful!