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Latest Dress Sewing Patterns

Updated on September 19, 2012

Sewing for little girls

As long as "cute" is in fashion, I guess we sewing mamas will keep looking for new and fun girl's dress patterns to sew. So I shook up all my latest bookmarks and pins to see what I'm loving most right now. Here're the gems I came up with...Let me know what you think of them in comments.

Reversible Baby Dress

Reversible Baby Dress
Reversible Baby Dress | Source

Reversible Baby Dress Pattern

This baby dress will be a super-hit gift at any baby-shower. What's more? it is reversible. Get the tutorial and pdf pattern for thisreversible baby dress over at The Ribbon Retreat Blog.

Ruffled Red Dress

Jen and Autie of ICandy Handmade made this red number for the Color My Summer series on Kojo Designs. I'm planning to make this one, because I know a little girl who would love them. Get the tutorial for the dress and diaper cover here.

Wrapped Up Dress Sewing Tutorial

iCandy Handmade published this everyday Wrapped Up dress with just one detail. Talk about big impact from small changes!

It looks so comfortable that its no wonder her little girl wants to wear it all the time.

Get the pdf pattern and tutorial for Wrapped Up Dress over at iCandy Handmade

Recital Dress sewing tutorial

Recital Dress
Recital Dress | Source

Recital Dress Sewing Tutorial

Girl. Inspired. brought us the tutorial to sew this pretty recital dress along with some pointers to neat sewing techniques. To learn what they are hop on over to Girl. Inspired. Recital Dress Tutorial

You are my sunshine dress

This is not a new pattern. But its totally "Knock your socks off" kind of pattern and tutorial. Sewing In No Mans Land has published the tutorial for this beautiful "You are my Sunshine Dress". A very updated take on peasant dress, must see (and sew).

Christmas Dress

Christmas Dress
Christmas Dress | Source

Christmas Dress Sewing tutorial

Thinking of making an amazing dress for your little one for the Christmas. Well! now is the time to start. Check out this sewing tutorial for Christmas Dress from Welcome to the Mouse House.

Posh Dress

Posh Dress
Posh Dress | Source

Posh Dress sewing Tutorial

Jessica from Me Sew Crazy share the tutorial for this Posh Dress at Melly Sews. Razing, Blazing gorgeous is what I would say. Go here to get the tutorial for this Posh Dress inspired by an IKKS number.

Scalloped Yoke Dress

Scalloped Yoke Dress
Scalloped Yoke Dress | Source

Scalloped Yoke Dress

Hart and sew made this dainty scalloped yoke dress for a tutorial on Skirt as Top vintage May. I'm loving all the pastels and the beautiful dress pattern. If you have a pattern for a simple A-line dress, Hart and Sew will show you how to modify it into a pattern for a scalloped yoke dress here.

Tutu Dress

Tutu Dress
Tutu Dress | Source

Tutu Dress by Domesticated Diva

Want to take it up a notch, but don't want to spend a lot of time or money. Totally!

Domesticated Diva shows you how to sew this gorgeous Tutu Dress in less than two hours and in $12. Here's the detailed tutorial to sew this Tutu Dress.

Patriotic Dress Set

Patriotic Dress Set
Patriotic Dress Set | Source

Nautical Dress and Bloomers Set

This flutter sleeved dress is very easy to sew from an adult sized Tshirt. Hems are used for elastic casings which really cuts down on sewing time.
There's also a pattern and instructions to sew bloomers in a toddlers size.
I love how this dress would look perfect on 4th July, but would still work for the rest of the summer. Get the tutorial and pattern for Nautical Dress and Bloomers set over at Blooms And Bugs.

Dainty Floral Dress

Dainty Floral Dress
Dainty Floral Dress | Source

Dainty Floral Dress from Clothworks

This dainty floral dress has just the right elements for a very dainty, girly outfit. Gathered sleeves, curved bodice, cinched belt and layered skirt. The shirring at the back makes it ideal for wearing a long time. Get the free pattern and tutorial at Clothworks Blog.


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    • profile image

      Vincent 4 years ago

      I would love to make a circle skirt for my stsier. She is crazy about them and because she is between sizes she can't fit into the one she has. I have beautiful material and I think a semi-circle one would do just great. Thank you so much for you blog and all your work. I am a fun!

    • profile image

      Asimah 4 years ago

      Mattski: Thanks for the tip! That really did help me in the preocss. Now I have a nice and quite realistic fall/bounce. Working on that soundreactor thingy. Heh, this is starting to get really sexy now. I will try to show some previews, when I get a happy result.

    • bloomsandbugs profile image

      Anshu 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA

      @lolaestrella: Thank yo for stopping by.

    • lolaestrella profile image

      Dalila C 4 years ago from Denver, CO

      OMG! I love the posh dresses!!