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Learning How to Draw Cars

Updated on May 6, 2010

Easy Drawing Lessons

Easy Lessons that teach you how to draw cars

This hub was made to help others learn to draw cars. Ever since I was a kid, drawing cars was always so fascinating to me. It all just started with doodling and messing around with pencil and paper, but then I began to become fascinated by sports cars as well. Sure enough I was drawing sports cars every day, and I was really getting good at it.

Drawing a sports car or supercar is not difficult once you know the drawing technique. Generally its a good idea to start with the outline of the car that you are trying to draw. Once you outline the borders of the car, then you can start adding in details like doors and hood vents etc. You can view the video below for a tutorial on drawing the outer shell of the car.

The major factors to consider when drawing cars is the proportion that you aim to achieve. Have a general idea of how high you want the car to be from the wheels to the roof. How long do you want to be in order to achieve proper proportion relative to the height and width of the car. Once you are finished drawing the outline of the car, you will then be able to correct any proportional inbalances. It is also recommended that when you are just learning, it is a good idea to press lightly on the paper with your pencil so that it is easy to erase any mistakes later on. By pressing your pencil too hard on paper, it can make your mistakes harder to cover up and even after erasing you will find it hard to make the lines disappear with an eraser.

What type of drawing utensil do you intend to use? Its important to learn what your favorite medium is when you are learn to draw cars. Its a good idea to start with a light numbered pencil like #1 darkness. Then once you finish your outline, you can go over the drawing again with a darker pencil or charcoal, colored pencils, paint, or whatever you think will suit your masterpiece the best.


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