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Learn to Draw Shapes Freehand

Updated on March 31, 2013

Practice Makes Perfect When Drawing Freehand

Drawing shapes freehand may seem just like simple doodling for most folks, however, these shapes actually have a purpose. You're actually training your hand to develop a finer dexterity when you're drawing these freehand shapes.

The connection between your eye/brain and hand - known as "hand-eye coordination" - is also being developed to a greater degree. When you just think you're doodling or scribbling mindlessly, you're actually teaching yourself to be a better artist.

Did you know that every person has a touch of the artists deep inside them? With some folks, that "inner artist" is very close to the surface and is easily accessed. With other folks, the inner artists needs to be coaxed and persuaded to come out.

SO, if you want to learn to draw shapes freehand, you're actually going to learn to be a better artists - even though you didn't know it!

If you've never drawn freehand shapes before, then this tutorial is for you.

Let's begin...


Step 1: Draw a Simple Square

OK, so we all know what a square is, right?

Four straight lines of equal length which are perpendicular to one another.

Simple enough. Let's begin by drawing a single, straight line about one inch in length, as shown to the right.


Step 2: Draw a Second Line at a Right Angle

Now, let's add another line the same length as the first but horizontal.

When you finish this step, your drawing should look like the letter "L."

At this point in your drawing, focus on making the lines as straight as possible.


Step 3: Complete the Square

Now you're basically going to draw two more lines, each one parallel to the one across from it.

Remember, a square has sides of equal length so make sure you are drawing lines that are the same size, otherwise your square may resemble a parallelogram instead.

That's a basic square.

Let's move on to the next shape.


Step 4: Draw a Triangle

OK, so you have a square, now let's try the triangle. Start by drawing a shape that looks like the number "7."

Again, let's try to draw this triangle with 3 equal sides.

I know these seem like very basic shapes, but there is so much going on between your brain, eyes and hand when you're drawing freehand like this.

Remember, these simple shapes train your brain, eyes and hand to work together.


Step 5: Finish the Triangle

This is so easy, just draw a third line and connect the two ends of your number 7 shape.

When you first start out drawing freehand like this, you may notice your lines are not exactly straight - that's OK. You can't expect to draw straight lines right from the start.

Like most things, getting better takes practice.


Step 6: Draw a Circle

Sounds so simple, right? Just draw a circle - right!

Perhaps one of the hardest of the basic shapes to draw freehand is the circle.

To get this shape just right, you must train your brain, eyes and hand to work closely and exactly. Your first attempts may look somewhat irregular - that is OK.

Remember, drawing is a learning experience. Each attempt teaches us something and we become better.


So Here Are My Freehand Shapes

Here, you can see my three shapes drawn freehand.

How did I do? How do your shapes look?

If your shapes don't look as good as you would like, all you need to do is practice your freehand drawing. Next time you'r on the phone, waiting for a train or just bored - start practicing your freehand drawing of shapes.

I have been drawing since before I can remember, about 50 plus years. I have drawn almost every day over that time and have developed a lot of skills. SO many, that I have made a living as an artist for all of my life, even today.

If you're interested in drawing and becoming more proficient, all you need to do is look around and start drawing the things you see.

If you practice just a few minutes each and every day, you will begin to get better and better gradually.

If you want to get started drawing, take a look at some of the drawing books and other products at (see box below).

Good luck!

Take the Drawing Poll

When do you typically find yourself drawing freehand shapes?

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    • MKayo profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Texas

      Thx, DDE!

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      6 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Awesome and so simple to learning on how to draw shapes.


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