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Buy a Replacement Lens Cap Online

Updated on June 1, 2011

Lost Your Lens Cap?

 There is no point spending a fortune on quality camera equipment if you are going to damage the lens. Lens glass is designed to allow you to create perfect images, not to be tough and scratch resistant.

When you think about it, you are mad not to spend a few dollars protecting the lens that costs hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars. Thinking about it like this, it probably makes sense to keep a spare lens cover or two.


Types of Lens Cap

 The good news is that these days it doesn't matter which type of lens cap you lose, you can easily buy a replacement.

All of the major brands are available and you can buy both front and back covers for any lens.

Since you usually have to pay postage when buying online, if you lose the front lens cover, I generally recommend getting a back one (and maybe another front spare) as the lens caps cost little and it makes them cheaper to buy in volume.

Nikon Lens Covers

These replacement lens caps are all original Nikon products.

The 52mm is the most common but if you have a 67mm or 72mm lens there are no problems finding a cap.

All lens caps are snap on with the simple pinch mechanism to release.

Canon Lens Caps

Just like the Nikons, you can get the full range of sizes in Canon lens caps.

The 58mm is the most popular size.

As with all lens caps, you will find that an original 77mm Canon lens cap on a 77mm Canon lens will fit better and function better than another brands 77mm lens cap.

Body & Back Lens Covers

It is a little more unusual to lose the back or body lens cap but at least you can still get a replacement.

Both Canon and Nikon make their lens caps readily available and in multiple sizes.

Most people also get a matching front lens cover as a spare, even if they have yet to lose the original

Lens Cap Replacements - Feedback

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A Lens Cover

Nikon Lens Cap

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    • profile image

      jeff 5 years ago

      What size lens cap do I need for a nikon coolpix p100?


    • photolenses profile image

      photolenses 7 years ago

      Wonderful tips on camera Ienses! really valued your Hub! I would like to have a look at a good deal more before long?