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Customize Word Card For Someone Special

Updated on February 17, 2012

Valentine's day is in a few days time, so this post might be a bit too late. It is said that during this day, guys usually spend more money on a girl than a girl spend on a guy. In my opinion, it is not the amount of money that you spent which matters most but the heart that counts. If the girl really likes you, something you make for her would probably capture her heart and make her feel more special than something you buy. As for guys, I do think they will still prefer their gadget stuff, but they will feel touched if you make them something.

Few days ago, my guy friend started a conversation with me on Facebook, which was rather rare, he asked me for my opinion on getting a Valentine's day gift for this girl that he in interested in. He told me that she was into art and he wanted to gift her something customize and unique, not something that you get from the shelves. I gave him a few ideas, but he liked the the idea of making the love word card. He is very busy with work at this time and didn't have much time, so he asked if I could help make it for him.

How to make a love card?

1. Choose your colour combination, usually the colours used will be red, white and pink, but it is basically your choice. Your paper should be the thicker paper.

2. Choose the font from Microsoft Words are the size you desire, then print it out and cut it accordingly.

3. Cut the colour papers to the size of the fonts which you have cut out. Layer the words 'Love', L being the shortest length and E the longest. After you are satisfied which the placing, trace it and then cut out the ends. (See photo to understand better.)

4. Punch either one or two holes at the left corners, you can either use rings or ribbons to tie it together.

At this point, you are done with the frame of the card.


You could you ribbons, stickers, lace, punch out love shapes and anything else that you can think about.


The interesting part of make a love card is that for the letter 'O', you can make it a 'O' with a heart shape inside or a heart shape with a small heart shape, with that you can insert either his or her best photo, or even the photo of both you.

You can tell a story with this card, you could start by having the name of the first page. Then, you could list out the qualities that you like about your partner or write a poem for your partner. You can even make a pocket and insert tags inside which you could insert photos of happy or memorable moments together with some description of the photo other the other side, write part of the song that is special to both of you, make or print out love coupons which your partner can redeem and anything else you can think about.

You could even place the Valentine's gift on the card, example, if you are getting a necklace or bracelet for a girl, you could hanging around the 'V'. If you are getting a pair of earrings, you could poke two small holes on the right side of 'V' or the 'E' and put the earrings there.

After making the Love card for my guys friend, I made the same type of card using the hummingbird collection scrapbook paper from Kaiser Craft which I love for my boyfriend, same concept but with some modification. This card only took me less than a day to make. If you want to make your love one feel special, you could consider doing one for him or her.

Lastly, this word card is pretty flexible, you can experiment it with other word of your choice. Other favourite words include 'Friend', 'Babe', 'Mum', 'Dad', 'Sister' and your friend's name, provided not too long. Have fun making this card.


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    • pooilum profile image

      pooilum 5 years ago from Malaysia

      love the card.. looks very nice!