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Lynda Training Is HOT - Software Training For Amazing Results

Updated on June 25, 2010

Lynda Is All About HOT

I first learned about when I came in contact with H.O.T. Flash. No, it has nothing to do with "hot flashes". It's a Lynda Training book, and the HOT stands for Hands On Training. is a site where you can obtain software training of all kinds, and it comes in books and DVD's for physical purchase. However, it also comes as an online subscription.

With the subscription, you pay a monthly or yearly fee and get all the training you can handle in that time frame.

There's actually a story about how yours truly became involved with the Lynda Training program.

I had a desire to learn Flash. I owned the program, and I had been fooling around with some tutorials that I found on the Internet. But, as you may know, Flash is not one of the simpler software programs to learn. Then one day I noticed a coworker creating a very cool Flash project, and I knew from experience that she did not know Flash. She was basically an "Office" guru. You know, Powerpoint, Word, Access. But she did not know Flash. So I asked her how she learned it. She causally replied that she had learned it from a book called "H.O.T. Flash."

At that point she reached into her desk drawer and she pulled out a bright red book. Sure enough, the title was "H.O.T. Flash," a Lynda Training book. I looked closer at the title to find that H.O.T. actually stands for Hands On Training.

That day, I made a special trip to the bookstore in the mall. Her testimonial was pretty powerful. And, to be honest, I was not having much success with my haphazard online tutorials. I had done lots of tutorials for many different software products, but this one was different. While using the lessons in the Lynda Training book, I actually was learning how to use Flash in a very practical way.

Great Things Happened Because of Lynda Training Books and DVDs

Two things happened as a result of my working through this HOT Flash training book.

First, I began teaching Flash to my high school class (I had just gotten a job teaching Web Design at a local high school.) My students got so excited that they began creating Flash videos much better than I was capable of. Kids are great that way. They are not intimidated by technology.

Second, I discovered that there was Lynda Training online site where you could receive the same "Hands On Training" via online video. I tried a few of the free training videos, and I was hooked.

I signed up for a month of training. I watched Lynda Training videos non-stop for months. They are totally awesome! My web design and graphic skills began to improve dramatically. Plus, I was able to take the Photoshop classes offered at for the same monthly subscription. And the best part is that you can watch them again and again until you get it right (I'm a slow learner - and a hands-on learner, as well).

With an online subscription to Lynda Training, you have access to literally hundreds of titles for in depth training. You don't have to pay for each training title. You could watch the videos 24/7 if you wanted to. Each software training starts with a beginner level course, and in most cases, the software training goes to intermediate level, then to the advanced level. By the time you work you way through the course, you will feel very comfortable that you know how to use the software product.

The trainers on the Lynda Training videos are the best at their craft. But not only are they good, they know how to TEACH the software. They are very methodical about what the teach. Sometimes they cover way too much in depth, so you can fast forward where you don't need the training.

Use the link below to find out more about Lynda Training.

Try out the free videos (10% of the videos are free so you can decide if there is value for your needs). I think that you will be as surprised as I was at the quality of the training.

ALL of the major software titles are covered at the Lynda Training site. They teach about Photo editing, graphics, web design, video, audio.. They even have the open source software program training and Microsoft Office products as well. My guess is that there is not a software application that has anything to do with graphics, writing, or video production that is not taught at the Lynda Training site.


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