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Pina Colada And Mississippi Mud Slide Candles

Updated on August 24, 2017

Mississippi Mud Slide Candle

The Mississippi Mud Slide candle is probably not as difficult as it may seem. There are quite a few different variations to this candle. (One variation with be to make it a hot chocolate or cup of coffee).


  1. Container wax
  2. Pillar wax (optional if creating chocolate pieces for topping)
  3. Café mocha and brown color
  4. Chocolate candle fragrance oil
  5. Glass coffee cup
  6. Candle wick and wick holder
  7. Glue gun or glue to secure the wick to the bottom
  8. Oven mitt
  9. Glass measuring cup
  10. Pie plate
  11. Candle or candy thermometer

Step 1 Is optional because the chocolate pieces are not necessary.

Directions for Making Chocolate Pieces

Step 1: In a glass measuring cup melt 1 cup of pillar wax.(Be sure to use pillar wax for the chocolate pieces is because it is a harder wax and the pieces will keep their shape). Cook about 3 or 4 minutes because there is no need to bring this to 180°. We will not be adding fragrance to the decorative pieces in the spirit of keeping things simple. If you choose to add chocolate fragrance; then by all means for your temperature up to 180°add your fragrance. Add brown color to the melted Pillar Wax stir thoroughly. Pour melted wax into a pie plate let cool until hard. Note: because the color will be lighter when the wax cools, to test color place a teaspoon of colored wax onto wax paper let it harden to check finished color.

Directions For Candle

  1. Plug in glue gun. Glue the flat side of the wick holder with the wick inserted into the bottom of a cup. (Be sure to leave enough wick to wrap it around the wick holder
  2. Secure the top of your wick. I use a clothespin to secure the top of your wick. Clothespins work for containers with an opening diameter of up to three inches. For larger containers, you will have to wind the wick around a wooden skewer.
  3. Preheat your container.
  4. Once your wax mixture is at about 150 degrees it is ready to pour. I use a heat gun. However, pre-heating can also be done in the oven on the lowest heat setting
  5. Place ¾ of the wax into a glass 4 cup measuring cup in to melt. Approximately 5 minutes should bring in up to 180°to add the cappuccino mocha flavor. Stir well (as previously stated each microwave is different.)
  6. Add your color, stir well.
  7. Let cool to approximately 150°and then pour into glass coffee cup.
  8. Allow the wax to completely cool before pouring the second layer, probably four or five hours will be sufficient so the colors do not blend together.
  9. While you’re waiting on your layers to cool breakup you chocolate pieces from your pie plate. You can use a knife if you need to
  10. Heat the remaining ¼ wax just until it is melted and reaches 180°. As before add your fragrance stir well. You will not be adding color to this layer you’ll be leaving it white
  11. Simply pour the remaining wax into the cup leaving ½ inch headspace at the top. Add the chocolate pieces standing up into your final layer. Allow to cool.

This fragrance oil works perfectly with the Mississippi Mud Slide Candle

The Pina Colada Candle Is Very Popular!

Pina Colada Candle

The Pina Colada Candle is a very popular candle! This candle is a little more difficult to make but it is well worth the effort that it takes. We will take you step by step and you’ll learn how to make the straw insert it’s as well as the rest of this really cute decorative candle. (By the way the paper umbrella, of course cannot be used when burning the candle. But it looks great when it’s sitting on a shelf). With a little bit of ingenuity you can purchase a coconut, use a hack saw to cut it, and then remove all of the meat with a knife, sand the two pieces in glue them together. This is quite a project.(I know this because we have done it). If you go online you can purchase coconut cups very reasonably and I would say its well worth the money!


  1. Coconut cups
  2. Jumbo straws (They are the really fat straws that you would drink a milkshake from.)
  3. Container and pillar wax
  4. Pina colada fragrance oil
  5. Red and apricot dye
  6. Wick and wick holder
  7. Glass measuring cup
  8. Wooden spoon
  9. Wooden skewer
  10. Clay or putty

Directions for making wax straw

To make straw inserts simply melt 1 cup wax in the microwave approximately 2 to 3 minutes. Add a red dye chip. Plug up one end of the straw with clay or putty. Stand the straws up right in a cup. Allow wax to cool slightly to reach approximately 125° F. Slowly pour wax into each straw. (I like to make more than one straw at a time). Allow straws to cool thoroughly.When your straws have cooled, repeat the process to make sure they are completely solid .(Check them in approximately 2 hours) using a sharp knife cut the straws in half. You may slice the plastic lengthwise to help remove the wax straw. Once they are cooled, use the back end of a wooden spoon or something similar to push the wax straw out.

Directions for Making Pina Colada Candle

Due to the variations in the size of the coconuts that you made by it is impossible to give exact amounts of wax to the melted.However,you can measure the amount of liquid your coconut will hold by placing some water in the coconut and measuring out the amount that it will hold in ounces. Make sure you dry your coconut well before you start making your candle.

1. Place wick into the wick holder and glue to the bottom center of the coconut cup

2. Secure the wick around a wooden skewer place across the top of the cup.

3. Melt 2 cups wax in the microwave to 180°, add fragrance.

4. Add your color dye chips. (I find that adding one yellow and ¼ to ½ red dye chips will make a nice Pina Colada color.

5. Let cool to approximately 125°.

6. Pour the wax into the coconut cup leaving ½ to ¾ inch space at the top. Cool 10 minutes

7. Place wax straw in the cup at an angle leaning against the side.

8. Allow this layer to harden approximately 2 hours.

9. Melt 1 cup pillar wax stop as soon as the wax is melted do not bring the temperature up to 180°. Stir wax frequently allowing the wax to cool until it is the consistency of a slightly runny icing. (You will be piping this out, so you need it's a little firm, but still soft enough to squeeze out of a bag.)

10. Place the wax into a plastic bag. Snip the corner of the bag so you can pipe the wax around the edge of the top of the candle. This gives you the white edge at the top. As this is cooling you can smooth it out with a knife to make it flat on the top and the sides.

Allow candle to cool and set overnight before burning.


You have just completed your first major candle project.

Now you have the idea on how the different container candles are created. The possibilities when creating candles are virtually limitless. I hope you have fun and learning how to create these container candles; however this is only the tip of the iceberg. In my upcoming guidebooks I will show you how to create some fantastically beautiful gel candles, picture candles, candles that look like everything from an apple pie to smores. Like I said it's very exciting! The possibilities are completely endless; don't forget to see our next online quick guide so that you can learn how to make even more beautiful candles that make money!


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