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Making Your Own Bath and Body Soap: Personalized Bars

Updated on March 21, 2011

Handwritten & Monogrammed Soap

This soap is a very elegant gift, reminiscent of times past when monograms told a family history. The process of making this type of soap is not limited to monograms, of course. Nearly anything can be carved into the soap--a symbol, a sweet message to a loved one, or someone's name. A gift so personalized will be treasured by the recipient.

Hand carving will likely yield a different result than using a stencil, but both work well.


  • Melt-and-pour glycerin soap base
  • Small knife or other cutting instrument (linoleum cutting tools work well)
  • Straight razor blade


  • Melt a batch of glycerin base in a double boiler.
  • Add desired color.
  • Pour into mold and let set.
  • Melt a small second batch of glycerin base and add a second color.
  • When your bar of soap has set, carve into it using your cutting tool. The carving should be at least ¼ of an inch deep and completely hollowed out.
  • Spoon the second color of glycerin into the carved areas. Make sure you have filled in the carving completely, but don’t worry about being too precise since you will shave off any extra glycerin.
  • When the second color has set completely, scrape off the extraneous soap with a straight razor blade, being careful not to dig down too far. As you remove the second color, the carving will be revealed.
  • Using the knife blade or a thin stream of warm water, smooth the edges of the monogram.

More Soap Ideas:

Welcome Baby Gift

A baby-sized bar of soap makes a sweet addition to any new baby gift package, and the baby’s name or a special message can be carved into the soap. Remember, though, that babies are especially sensitive. An unscented bar without additives (except perhaps color) will help in preventing allergic reactions or irritation.

Summer Soap Cocktail

Make multi-colored "soap cubes" by pouring colored glycerin into ice cube trays. Put in a plastic cocktail glass near a sink or tub for a refreshing wash.

Guest Tray

Personalize a guest room with a special tray of necessary (and possibly forgotten) items: a toothbrush, hand lotion, nail scissors, and a beautiful handmade bar of soap.


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