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Personalize Your Monthly Planner by Adding Your Own Custom Pages

Updated on October 29, 2016
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Dale recently retired from a forty year career in electronics and computers. He and his wife Becky enjoy traveling and visiting family.

Personalized information pages cut to size and ready to staple together and insert in vinyl cover with calendar
Personalized information pages cut to size and ready to staple together and insert in vinyl cover with calendar

Sorry if this is too easy!

I use the Dayminder SK53-00. It is about three by six inches and fits in my front pants pocket. The personal information is formatted to print in pages to be cut, folded, and stapled with a cardstock binding, the front cover of which slips inside the front of the calendar cover. You have to center and size the text so that it lines up when printed front and back. Measure and cut the pages so they fit inside the cover. If you mess up, just reprint and try again.

Best of Both Worlds

Sometimes, the old ways are best. Sometimes, not. I like to have the best of both worlds. For a few dollars I can buy an old-fashioned pocket calendar with a basic vinyl cover, and with a little creativity and effort customize it with numerous pages of organized information printed using a word processor. I can easily update and reprint the pages at any time using the computer (new way), but have the reliability of the printed page that doesn't depend on batteries (old way). I like to include all my doctors' numbers, and a list of my current medications, along with my phone number and my wife's phone number as my emergency contact.

Page 1: Owner and Emergency Contact Info

I used Open Office, font Times New Roman, with font size 12. I used c++ code modules with the begin and end comment strings, "/*" and "*/" to preserve the spacing format of my example pages. The example pages have made-up entries, of course. Feel free to use what I have as a template. Unfortunately, the actual fonts and sizes are not preserved when moved into the hub modules. That is why I am including some photos that show what the text actually looks like on the page.

Example Page 1

/*                   This Microorganizer belongs to

                          Whom it belongs

                          (abc) def-hijk

                     In case of emergency call

                        Whom it may concern

                           (abc) def-lmno

                   See inside for a list of current

Add your pages in the order you want.

Two more pages containing doctors and meds
Two more pages containing doctors and meds

Example Page 2

                     Microorganizer 082414.odt

                        Medical Information

                           My Medicine

		    Cramitol	  40 mg	    2x/day
		    Spamitol	  25 mg	    1x/day
		    Correctol	  10 mg	    3x/day
		    Spenditol	  100 mg    as needed
		    Inhaleitol	  90 mcg    2 puffs by mouth
                                    every 3-4 hrs

Example Page 3


		Medical Phone Numbers (default area code 702)

		Doctor1	   123-4567	Cardiologist
		Doctor2	   123-4568	Urologist
		Doctor3	   123-4569	Sleepologist
		Doctor4	   123-5567	Chiropractor
		Doctor5	   123-5568	Dentist
		Doctor6	   123-5569	Eye Doc
		Acme Med   123-6567	Durable Medical Eq
		Pharmacy   123-4667	

		Wife's Doctors

		Doctor7	123-6568	Neurologist

		Dog Doctor

		Vet1		123-6569	& dog hotel


Example Page 4



			Fasty's			    555-5555

			Notsofasty's		555-5556

			Dumpy's			    555-5557

			Grumpy's		    555-5558

			Snooty's		    555-5559

			Barfy's on Rainbow	555-5560

			Barfy's on Jones	555-5561

			Barfy's on the Strip	555-5562

			Gastroenterologist	555-5563


Make a booklet by stapling the pages to a stiff backing material

You can cut out either a piece of cardstock or poster board for the backing. Measure the cover and mark the material so that it will fit inside the cover. Fold the backing over and form a good crease. The best approach is to open the backing and staple the pages offset slightly from the crease. You will also want to leave enough margin on the inside of the pages so that when you fold the pages over, all the text shows. See the photos below. One shows the proper positioning of the stapler. The next shows the finished product inserted into the vinyl cover.

Final steps

Recommended position of the stapler
Recommended position of the stapler
The custom booklet inserted into the calendar's vinyl cover
The custom booklet inserted into the calendar's vinyl cover
New 2015 calendar from Amazon.  $7.26 total, shipping free with Amazon Prime.
New 2015 calendar from Amazon. $7.26 total, shipping free with Amazon Prime.

Don't want a calendar? Use an address book instead.

My first time doing this I bought an At-A-Glance Telephone Address book. It is small enough to fit in my shirt pocket. I removed the book from the cover and saved it, and then inserted the custom booklet that I had made. This made it very thin. I used an online calendar program to print a couple of calendar pages, but decided it was too much trouble. I would rather just buy a small calendar than spend the time formatting and printing one with an online calendar application. But that's just me. You should be able to add a few custom pages in the front and still keep the telephone/address book inside the cover.

The address book cover is also suitable for carrying business and appointment cards. The item number I bought a couple of years ago was 80401. It does not appear to be available anymore as a new product. It looks like item 80460 is comparable.

I used Times New Roman font with sizes 10 and 11 for the address book pages.

Smaller font for smaller page

First page with smaller font size for a shirt pocket size address book
First page with smaller font size for a shirt pocket size address book

A web product of interest

I found one product on the web that you might find useful. You may have found it already yourself. But in case you haven't, I am providing a link to it below. It is called The PocketMod. It provides a way to put a lot of information in a very small space. Basically one sheet of paper folded in a very clever way that results in a little booklet.

Do you prefer an old-fashioned paper calendar, or a new-fangled computer calendar?

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    • Papillon man profile imageAUTHOR

      Dale Tinklepaugh 

      3 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      Drs, thank you for reading and commenting on my hub page. I am on a weekend getaway to Flagstaff, AZ, so I did not immediately approve your comment. I was also not sure what to do because it looks like something happened to cause your comment to be cut off in midstream. What you are saying appears to be very relevant and interesting, so if you want, please resend with your compete thought. I should be able to delete your first one and hopefully this reply.

      Also, I think you had a couple of typos and were referring to bulldog clips. I am guessing that the gist of what you were saying is that you have avoided paying for a calendar and binder by using bulldog clips to attach your custom pages to calendars that you printed from free, print-it-yourself websites. I think that is a good idea, but please let me and our readers know the rest of what you were saying.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      On the outside, I used bulodlg clips to attach a calendar (you can find plenty of lovely free ones like this one online). Since then I've added another bulodlg clip on the side to attach my ever-growing


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